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Make cuts, bumps and bruises less of a drama

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Brave Little Soldier Bundle

Humpty Dumpty baby first aid kit for travel

Make cuts, bumps and bruises less of a drama with our fun Humpty Dumpty finger puppet distractor and reward stickers for your brave little soldiers!



Baby First Aid Kit 65 Pieces of Essential Medical Grade Supplies for Kids, Family Home, Car and Travel, Includes Humpty Dumpty Finger Puppet Distractor and Reward Stickers. 100% Vegan.


Finally, a toddler first aid kit to save the day and stop tears quickly!

Worried about little accidents happening when you're out and about?

Our 65-piece first aid box for babies includes everything you need for home, car, holiday travel, camping and everyday journeys.

Fun design that holds everything you need for dealing with common childhood injuries! Make cuts, bumps and bruises less of a drama with our fun Humpty Dumpty finger puppet distractor and reward stickers for your brave little soldiers!


Travel first aid kit for babies

While most family first aid kits stay at home, this is one you will want to keep with you wherever you go!

The Humpty Dumpty kids first aid box fits easily into baby travel bag, handbag or backpack.

This fantastic infant first aid kit lets you clean grazes properly and has everything you need for minor emergencies.

It's a fun way to teach children the importance of first aid.


Here's what's included in your baby first aid box:

  • 2 x burn gel sachets
  • 2 x non adherent absorbent dressing pads
  • 1 x confirming bandage
  • 1 x first aid blunt end scissors
  • 6 x rust resistant safety pins
  • 1 x metal tweezers
  • 1 x hypoallergenic adhesive tape
  • 4 x non-alcohol cleansing wipes
  • 4 x (4x3cm) hypoallergenic plasters
  • 4 x (8x5cm) hypoallergenic elbow/knee plasters
  • 20 fun printed hypo allergenic plasters. 10 x humpty dumpty and 10 x dog
  • 18 fun printed reward stickers
  • 1 x humpty dumpty finger puppet distracter
  • Also includes handy first aid guidance leaflet
  • Dimensions: 17 cm wide x 11 cm high x 4 cm deep

Replacement Refill Kit and Plasters also available for restocking your first aid essentials!


This baby first aid kit is a perfect idea for toddler gifts, baby girl presents or baby boy gifts!

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25 reviews for Travel Baby First Aid Kit - Humpty Dumpty

  1. Mike

    Great baby first aid kit, I’d say it’s a must have.

  2. Alastair

    This is the best baby first aid kit I have come across, it’s a very well packed baby travel first aid kit. It comes with everything I need for my toddler and the design always help to put a smile on his face even after a little fall. I’d recommend this baby travel first aid kit for any parent.

  3. Mika

    After I had to return a baby care kit from another brand, the quality of this set stands out even more clearly: here nothing smells even remotely chemical but everything is odorless, all components of the set work flawlessly, the brush does not lose hair and is super soft and crimp-proof stored in the set, the Scissors sharp, the thermometer measures great and has a flexible end, the washcloth is of wonderfully soft quality (bamboo), the little finger puppet is really cute and the entire bag leaves room for your own supplementary utensils without it being somehow too big. Besides, the goose motif is really cute. Very clear buying recommendation!!!!

  4. Kimi

    Super brushes for baby hair and little heads. If only the recipient stayed looking tidy! They get plenty of use.

  5. Katie

    Really good quality and the little bag is lovely and perfect to keep it all together and take away with us.
    Nose sucker is fab as i know these can be expensive so great that it comes with one
    Fantastic value for money

  6. AA

    A cute children first aid kit with a delightful ‘Humpty Dumpty’ character distracter. The water resistant case is packed with 68 pieces of medical first aid items, including stickers, bandages, cleansing wipes, burn gel, sterile eye wash to mention a few. The use by dates are also over 6 months. Good value for money purchase with super fast delivery and ace packaging.

  7. Anna

    I think that this is a must for mum’s and dads with small children. This is so cute and has everything you need for little uns, got this for my granddaughter, well when she starts to walk it’s inevitable she will get a few boo boos so we’re prepared for now!

  8. Konnos

    Nice first aid kit. A nice selection of first aid essentials. We love the case.

  9. Becky

    Good size will fit in most changing bags has a very good variety of items inside including alcohol wipes, plasters and bandages as well as a tube of saline solution to rinse out eyes. Best of all is the humpty dumpy teddy that the child can hold and be distracted by while you tend to their boo boo. Love it

  10. Roger

    All parents should have one.

    I am really pleased with it. It has all the essentials in, I have however added a new more things in to it and we have it in our napog changing bag. It’s very compact so can be easily carried around. It’s an essential purchase if you have active toddlers.

  11. Jenn

    This is a brilliant little first aid pack! It is small enough to place in a handbag/back pack, which is brilliant if you have little wild children like I have! I’ve used several plasters and anti bacterial wipes and never had a problem. The plasters will stay in place easily. I’ve also used the burn gel pouches on myself, a couple of times and it really does help soothe the pain. Haven’t used any other itens thankfully, but I feel confident and trust them enough to use, if I ever needed to 🙂

  12. Christine

    Such a cute must have first aid kit for little ones. Has all you need for first aid also comes with a cute finger puppet. Ideal to take on days out, a must have!

  13. Chloe

    Very small and compact. Has everything you’d need. Cute little finger puppet too.

  14. Tara

    Love this first aid kit and my toddler does too! I lost one I bought so had to replace it with the same one as he really likes the Humpty Dumpty aspect, especially after knowing the song. This first aid kit is not much more expensive than the average plain kit and comes with some lovely bits for children, even the outer packaging is cute and keeps them entertained/distracted.

    The Humpty Dumpty finger puppet is great. Occasionally, my toddler asks to play with it when he spots the kit in my changing bag. My son loves the design of the plasters. I think the stickers are a cute touch. Very well thought through and of course it comes with all the useful bits you need.

    I’d definitely recommend and have had compliments/interest from other parents about this first aid kit.

  15. Sara

    Great buy and super cute theme! Had everything in the kit that you would need!

  16. Carly Henson

    Great kit for kids. I will be putting it in my daughter’s backpack for school this year.

  17. Midnighter

    Cute little extras. The little finger puppet is a hit with us adults as much as our little one. Great idea.

  18. Alexandra Spaulding

    Great variation of products – could have larger quantity.

  19. Pamela

    Great size, conveniently packaged. Nice to have everything all in one place!

  20. Angela

    It is a great first aid kit! It has everything you need, the bright colours and the little puppet make my baby smile and forget about any pain. It is very compact so easy to carry around or when travelling abroad. I even added some things that I wanted as a sudocrem and a foil blanket so it has a bit of space if you want to add something extra.
    The order came on time and in perfect condition. So really happy with the purchase.

  21. Rosalind Bryant

    This has to be the cutest first aid kit of all time!!!!! My children love it and the tiny humpty is just the icing on the cake!!! The humpty plasters and stickers are adorable for all those brave little soldiers!!

  22. SaltySunburn

    This First aid kit is great for putting in the changing bag. Seems to have everything we would need and I especially like the stickers for being brave and the toy to distract when applying plasters and bandages. Haven’t used it yet luckily. Recommended!

  23. Karisa

    Love this so cute and nice to have.

  24. Jasmine

    Very useful but needs more stuff inside. I brought this package for my daughter’s trip. It’s decent but I still have to prepare more supplies. Humpty Dumpty doesn’t fit the bag which is little bit disappointing.

  25. Rebecca

    Amazing piece of kit! Everything you need and love the design. Excellent.

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