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Baby Grooming Kit & Baby Care Set

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All the grooming essentials you need


Calm & relax your baby


Digital thermometer included

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Baby Grooming Kit and Baby Care Set

If you're expecting a new baby, there's a lot of preparation to do. Keep bath time simple with this baby grooming set which includes everything you need to keep your baby clean and happy throughout the day. From a nasal aspirator and a thermometer to keep an eye on your baby when they're under the weather to a finger puppet that will keep them entertained while you brush their hair, this baby care kit includes:

  • Nail clipper
  • Thermometer
  • Printed nail files
  • Finger toothbrush
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Infant comb
  • Nasal aspirator
  • Nail scissors
  • Teething ring
  • Finger puppet

All kept safe in a single portable carrier, this baby care kit means you will never be without your baby care essentials no matter where you are. It's also a fantastically cute set, featuring a cute mother duck and her baby ducklings on the cover which your baby will love to look at.

Everything you need in one Baby Essentials Kit

This luxury baby grooming set contains everything you need to keep your baby happy and healthy in one box. From dealing with minor ailments with the baby thermometer to trimming your baby's nails and keeping their hair neat and tidy, simply pack this baby care set into your luggage before you take a trip and know that everything you need is with you. The set even contains a cute finger puppet to keep your baby happy and entertained while you're out and about.

Keep your baby engaged and stimulated

This luxury baby grooming set will keep your baby engaged and stimulated even during grooming sessions. The kit comes with a cute finger puppet which can be used to associate grooming time with playtime; bring out the finger puppet only when it's time to brush their teeth or hair and your baby will quickly realise that grooming time is something to look forward to. The puppet's bright, soft exterior makes it a great tactile toy that your baby can touch, squeeze, and enjoy.

Safe baby, happy baby

This baby care set is designed to ensure your baby is safe and happy during grooming. Each item has been designed for safety, with baby-safe clippers and nail files designed for little fingers and toes. The soft bristle brush is perfect for delicate scalps, and the kit's included finger puppet means your baby will be happy to sit still for you, reducing the chances of any accidents happening and keeping bathtime fun for everyone. With our luxury baby grooming kit, you can ensure that your baby is looked after safely, with no stress.

Calm and relax your baby for bedtime

This baby care kit has everything you need to enjoy a calming bedtime routine with your baby every night. Put on some soothing music, dim the lights, and get your baby ready for bed with the finger toothbrush and gum massager. Let them chew on the included teething ring while enjoying a bedtime play with the cute duck finger puppet. Bedtime routines are a great way to get your baby ready for bed while getting them used to daily tasks like bathing and grooming.

Vegan approved baby care kit

This baby grooming set is entirely vegan, which means no products or materials used in the set come from animals. Whether you're looking for a baby grooming kit for your own arrival or as a gift, you can rest assured that this set is safe and completely ethically produced. Animal lovers will love this baby kit's vegan seal of approval as well as its cute duck puppet.

The perfect gift for new parents

This luxury baby grooming set makes the perfect gift for new parents to be. This gender-neutral set is perfect for both baby girls and baby boys and contains everything that new parents need to groom their baby's growing hair and nails. It's a cute but practical addition to any parents' collection and can be used for years to come.

Never be without your baby essentials again

This baby care set is compact and portable, with all 16 items fitting neatly into one cute carrying case. Whether you keep it with you everywhere you go in case of last-minute grooming emergencies or want something to pack into your luggage before overnight stays, this baby care set takes the stress and worry out of packing. Simply pick up the case and away you go.


Baby Grooming Kit Frequently Asked Questions

Should you build your own baby grooming kit?

Common baby health care kits, or a new born baby kit, won’t always have exactly what you need in it. For this reason, some mums and dads may find it beneficial to build their own. The problem comes when the task of building your own baby grooming and healthcare kit gets time consuming and expensive.

The cost of purchasing each tool such as a thermometer, nail clippers, files and more can get costly when attempting to build your own baby care kit. Add to that the cost of a carrying case to store everything in, and you may have gone well over the amount you would have paid to get everything in one single baby hygiene kit.

It is for this reason that we recommend that you look for a baby grooming kit that has most of the items you are looking for. Afterwards, you can simply add the things that are missing in the baby groom kit that are unique to you and your baby.

In this way, you will likely find that you will save more money, and you may even get a few unexpected surprises in your baby healthcare and grooming kit, such as the fun finger puppet found in our Yellodoor Baby Grooming Kit & Baby Care Set.

Why do you need a baby grooming kit?

A newborn grooming kit can make things much easier when you have a little one. Not only is everything in one place, but it takes much of the guesswork out of assembling your own.

Moreover, when planning a gift registry or when buying for another person, you won’t have to worry about forgetting something that is vitally important to a baby's health and hygiene.

Baby grooming kit uses include satisfying baby needs such as teething, illness and general grooming needs. Items like nail clippers, emery nail files, a brush, a comb, a thermometer and even a nasal aspirator are all baby essentials kit items that you can’t afford to be without.

Additional goodies like a teething ring or gum massager can also be a real game changer when your baby can’t be soothed and you suddenly realise that you don’t have any teething toys on hand!

All in all, a baby groom kit is an essential gift for any new or expecting mum or dad.

What do you need in a baby grooming kit?

The Yellodoor Baby Grooming Kit & Baby Care Set includes nail clippers, nail scissors, nail files, a brush, a comb, a gum massager, a teething ring, a finger puppet, a thermometer and a nasal aspirator, all in one carrying case to make caring for your baby less stressful.

New parents are often shocked at the necessity of small and seemingly mundane items. Things like nail clippers, nail scissors and nail files can often seem unnecessary, especially when other well-meaning parents may be telling you that you won’t need them.

The truth is that it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to baby health and baby grooming. As such, a baby kit for newborn should include items that parents will find themselves reaching for when inevitable events like illness, tangled hair and sore gums make their appearance.

What are baby grooming essentials?

New parents can find themselves rocked by the great expanse of options available to them in terms of baby grooming essentials. To be concise, a grooming baby kit should offer items like a hair brush, a comb, nail clippers, nail scissors and nail files. While that may seem like a lot, in reality, you could find yourself reaching for all of these items within the very same day!

A baby girl grooming kit and a baby boy grooming kit will likely contain the same general items, which is why we at Yellodoor choose a gender-neutral carrying case to be used for both baby boys and baby girls.

Complete with a soft bristled brush, an infant comb, nail scissors and clippers for delicate tiny nails and a nail file to gently buff away jagged nail edges, the Yellodoor Baby Grooming Kit makes the perfect grooming set for baby.

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23 reviews for Baby Grooming Kit & Baby Care Set

  1. Becky

    Good size will fit in most changing bags has a very good variety of items inside including alcohol wipes, plasters and bandages as well as a tube of saline solution to rinse out eyes. Best of all is the humpty dumpy teddy that the child can hold and be distracted by while you tend to their boo boo. Love it

  2. Melody

    Lovely set, doesn’t seem cheap, thermometer seems to work well

  3. Abbie

    Beautiful bag. And well made things inside

  4. AlexanderE

    Good collection of goods. Was impressed with quality and have used a great deal of times.

  5. Babestf

    Nice set! Just as pictured great value for the price

  6. Cristie Patterson

    Was exactly what it said. Everything works great.

  7. Livandmike

    Beautiful set, previously had the tomee tipee set and we much prefer this. Gorgeous case, super soft brush and cloth 100% would recommend

  8. Sarah

    Lovely looking grooming kit and it has a lot of things compare to the tommy tippee one. Really nice.

  9. Mika Mizi

    Nachdem ich ein Babypflegeset einer anderen Marke zurücksenden musste, sticht die Qualität dieses Sets noch deutlicher hervor: hier riecht nichts auch nur entfernt chemisch sondern alles ist geruchlos, alle Bestandteile des Sets funktionieren einwandfrei, die Bürste verliert keine Haare und ist super weich und knautschsicher im Set gelagert, die Schere scharf, das Thermometer misst super und hat ein flexibles Ende, der Waschlappen ist von wunderbar weicher Qualität (Bambus), die kleine Fingerpuppe ist wirklich niedlich und die gesamte Tasche so dass noch Platz für eigene Ergänzungsutensilien bleibt ohne dass sie irgendwie zu groß wäre. Außerdem ist das Gänsemotiv wirklich süß. Ganz klare Kaufempfehlung!!!!

  10. Courtney Gaines

    I love the kit. It conveniently holds items and has useful components

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