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Make cuts, bumps and bruises less of a drama

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Brave Little Soldier Bundle

Humpty Dumpty baby first aid kit for travel

Make cuts, bumps and bruises less of a drama with our fun Humpty Dumpty finger puppet distractor and reward stickers for your brave little soldiers!


Baby First Aid Kit Details:

  • 65 Pieces of Essential Medical Grade Supplies for Kids, Family Home, Car and Travel
  • Includes Humpty Dumpty Finger Puppet Distractor and Reward Stickers
  • 100% Vegan
  • Perfect for parents looking for a newborn first aid kit or newborn medical kit


Finally, a toddler first aid kit to save the day and stop tears quickly!

Worried about little accidents happening when you're out and about?

Our 65-piece kids first aid kit includes everything you need for home, car, holiday travel, camping and everyday journeys.

Fun baby medical kit design that holds everything you need for dealing with common childhood injuries! Make cuts, bumps and bruises less of a drama with our fun Humpty Dumpty finger puppet distractor and reward stickers for your brave little soldiers!


Travel first aid kit for babies

While most family first aid kits and first aid kit for babies stay at home, this is one you will want to keep with you wherever you go!

The Humpty Dumpty kids first aid box fits easily into baby travel bag, handbag or backpack.

This fantastic infant first aid kit lets you clean grazes properly and has everything you need for minor emergencies.

It's a fun way to teach children the importance of first aid.


Here's what's included in this paediatric first aid kit:

  • 2 x burn gel sachets
  • 2 x non adherent absorbent dressing pads
  • 1 x confirming bandage
  • 1 x first aid blunt end scissors
  • 6 x rust resistant safety pins
  • 1 x metal tweezers
  • 1 x hypoallergenic adhesive tape
  • 4 x non-alcohol cleansing wipes
  • 4 x (4x3cm) hypoallergenic plasters
  • 4 x (8x5cm) hypoallergenic elbow/knee plasters
  • 20 fun printed hypo allergenic plasters. 10 x humpty dumpty and 10 x dog
  • 18 fun printed reward stickers
  • 1 x humpty dumpty finger puppet distracter
  • Also includes handy first aid guidance leaflet
  • Dimensions: 17 cm wide x 11 cm high x 4 cm deep

Replacement Refill Kit and Plasters also available for restocking your first aid essentials!


New parents can rely on this beginner's child first aid kit. This baby first aid kit is also a perfect idea as toddler gifts, baby girl presents or baby boy gifts!

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59 reviews for Travel Baby First Aid Kit - Humpty Dumpty

  1. Lynne Esson

    Fun for kids and functional for adults. All you need for basic first aid and small enough that it will be great for travel. My don already loves the humpty dumpty distraction toy!

  2. SaltySunburn

    This First aid kit is great for putting in the changing bag. Seems to have everything we would need and I especially like the stickers for being brave and the toy to distract when applying plasters and bandages. Haven’t used it yet luckily. Recommended!

  3. Karisa

    Love this so cute and nice to have.

  4. Jasmine

    Very useful but needs more stuff inside. I brought this package for my daughter’s trip. It’s decent but I still have to prepare more supplies. Humpty Dumpty doesn’t fit the bag which is little bit disappointing.

  5. Nicci T

    I love this kit as does my daughter. I’d been looking for a toddler specific first aid kit and this was perfect. It’s been used a few times recently and the with Humpty finger puppet, Humpty plasters and brave stickers it’s the perfect combination for distraction and fixing – the tears quickly stop. Good quality and great price point. Happy to see that you can also buy replacement plasters. Highly recommend.

  6. Rebecca

    Amazing piece of kit! Everything you need and love the design. Excellent.

  7. RRS

    I like the kit. It is a comprehensive mini kit and a trained first aider. I was impressed

  8. Jill Duken

    A perfect addition to my nappy bag when we are out and about. The kids love the little humpty dumpty and although I haven’t used it yet it will be a good distraction when there is an injury. Just the right amount of products in the kit and the thermometer is something good to have when you are travelling as I wouldn’t usually take mine out all the time. I would definitely recommend this product.

  9. Melissa

    Does what it says on the tin. The little distraction toy was a lovely touch and all products will be useful. Happy with my purchase

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