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Would you like to be able to increase the rate at which your toddler’s hair is growing in?  Does it seem like their hair growth has been stalled for a few months?  If so, you are not alone.  Many parents look for toddler hair growth products and other solutions to help their little ones’ hair grow.  

Sia che tu voglia aiutare i capelli del tuo bambino a crescere per tenerli lontani dagli occhi, che tu sia stanco che la tua bella ragazza venga chiamata un ragazzo, che stia aspettando con impazienza di provare una nuova acconciatura a tuo figlio, o semplicemente vuoi fare tutto il possibile per massimizzare crescita dei capelli, sei nel posto giusto! Abbiamo messo insieme un elenco di suggerimenti, strategie e prodotti degli esperti per far crescere i capelli del tuo bambino in modo bello e sano.

Prodotti per la crescita dei capelli per bambini

There are many products that are formulated to help hair grow.  And, even better, many of these products are specially formulated to be safe to use with children.  Whether your son or daughter has always had very little hair, or they were born with a full head of hair and it tutto cadde, trovare il prodotto giusto può aiutarti a iniziare a vedere cambiamenti evidenti.

Di seguito sono riportati alcuni prodotti per la crescita dei capelli dei bambini che potresti voler provare con tuo figlio o tua figlia.

Shampoo nutriente senza lacrime Cantu Care for Kids

Il Shampoo Nutriente Cantu Care for Kids può aiutare a rimuovere l'accumulo che è rimasto sui capelli di tuo figlio. 

Aiuterà anche a mantenere i capelli del tuo bambino idratati e a promuovere una crescita sana dei capelli. 

Ancora meglio, la formula senza lacrime non contiene parabeni, ftalati, siliconi, solfati o altre sostanze chimiche che non vorresti usare su tuo figlio.

Balsamo stimolante per la crescita dei capelli alla biotina di J'Organic Solutions per bambini

This conditioner is formulated with biotin to encourage hair growth.  It also includes a special B-Complex formula that can help thicken your toddler’s hair. 

The conditioner is made using natural and organic ingredients and can safely be used on children over three months old.  There are no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, or fragrances in this product.

Lozione idratante per capelli districante del burro di karitè dei bambini dei prodotti organici migliori dell'Africa

Questa lozione districante è progettata per penetrare in profondità nei capelli per evitare che i capelli si danneggino o si rompano; sarai in grado di spazzolare i capelli di tuo figlio senza preoccuparti di quei fastidiosi (e dolorosi) ringhi. 

La lozione districante include burro di karité che migliorerà l'aspetto dei capelli del tuo bambino ammorbidendoli e rendendoli più lucenti.

Set di spazzole per capelli completamente naturale di Yellodoor

questi due spazzola per capelli set from Yellodoor will let you gently brush a baby or toddler’s hair without pulling or tugging it.  A goat’s hair brush and a bamboo bristle brush are included with the set. 

The goat’s hair brush is perfect for a toddler’s very fine hair.  The firmer bristles on the bamboo bristle brush will allow you to give your toddler’s scalp a massage to stimulate it and increase blood flow and circulation.  This can help encourage the growth of new hairs.

'Idee e suggerimenti per far crescere i capelli di un bambino più rapidamente

One way you can help encourage toddler hair growth is to use hair care products like the ones described above.  Hair growth shampoo for kids, supplements, and oils can help keep your child’s hair healthy and stimulate hair growth.  In addition to the products we highlighted above, here are a few other options you may want to consider:

La giusta dieta

Un altro modo per aiutare il tuo bambino a crescere i capelli è assicurarti che stia mangiando i cibi giusti.

La ricerca scientifica lo suggerisce diverse vitamine e minerali possono essere collegati a una crescita dei capelli più rapida e sana

La scelta di cibi ricchi di queste vitamine e minerali può essere la spinta in più di cui i capelli di tuo figlio hanno bisogno per crescere.

  • Vitamin A:  Vitamin A can help moisturise the scalp and can encourage hair growth.  Foods that can help increase the amount of vitamin A in your toddler’s diet include spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, eggs, yogurt, and milk.
  • Vitamin D:  Vitamin D may help your toddler produce new follicles for new hair growth.  Foods that can increase the amount of vitamin D in your toddler’s diet include fatty and oily fish, egg yolks, fortified foods, and red meat.
  • Vitamin E:  Studies suggest that Vitamin E may help prevent oxidative stress and stimulate hair growth.  Foods that can increase the amount of vitamin E in your toddler’s diet include spinach, almonds, squash, and corn.
  • Calcium:  Calcium is another mineral that may encourage hair growth for kids.  Foods that can increase the amount of calcium in your toddler’s diet include milk, yogurt, leafy green vegetables, and soybeans.

Acconciature che aiutano con la crescita dei capelli

Believe it or not, the way you style your child’s hair can actually impact its growth.  If you’ve been wondering, “Do ponytails help hair grow?” or “Do braids help your hair grow faster?,” we’ll share the answers below.

Once your child has enough hair to style in an updo, such as a ponytail, doing so can lead to thicker, longer, and healthier hair.  This is because when hair is pulled up in a ponytail or another style, it is less likely to be pulled, get knotted, or become damaged.  

It is important to note that all hairstyles will not yield the same results, and some may even deter hair from growing in.  Choose looser ponytails over tight styles such as buns, braids, or twists.  Tighter hairstyles can put more stress on the roots, which will not result in the healthier and faster hair growth you are looking for.

When you are brushing and styling your child’s hair, using the right products is key.  You want to minimize the amount that their hair is pulled when you brush it, so opt for wide-toothed combs and natural boar bristle brushes.  Also, try to avoid using too many styling products on a regular basis.  The ingredients in these products often clog hair follicles, which can result in slower hair growth.

Suggerimenti per far crescere i capelli dei bambini

So, now you’re almost ready to act on what you’ve read in this article and begin taking steps to help your toddler’s hair grow in thick and healthy.  Before heading off, take a few more minutes to read through our tips below to help kids’ hair grow.

  1. Choose Foods that Can Support Hair Growth:  As we shared above, the right diet can help support hair growth.  Offer your toddlers foods that contain Calcium and Vitamins A, D, and E.
  2. Avoid Blow Drying Your Toddler’s Hair:  Heat from a blow-dryer can damage hair, which can have a negative impact on hair health and future growth.
  3. Style Your Toddler’s Hair in a Loose Ponytail:  Updos, like ponytails, can prevent hairs from getting pulled and damaged.  Looser ponytails will make sure that too much stress is not placed on your child’s roots.
  4. Use Coconut Oil:  If you are looking to help make your toddler’s hair thicker, try coconut oil.  The fatty acids and vitamins found in coconut oil can remove dead cells from the scalp, get rid of sebum build up from the follicles, and keep your toddler’s scalp nourished and healthy.
  5. Try a Hair Growth Shampoo:  Hair growth shampoos, like the ones we shared above, can help nourish your child’s scalp and stimulate hair growth.
  6. Give Your Child a Head Massage:  If you massage your toddler’s scalp, it can increase blood flow in the area and remove dead skin cells.  This can help their scalp to breathe and create an environment more conducive to growing hair.
  7. Trim Split Ends:  When you trim off the split ends on your child’s hair, it can actually help their hair grow in more quickly.  If split ends aren’t trimmed and cleaned up, they can lead to problems with your child’s roots, which can have a negative impact on growth.
  8. Rule Out Any Medical Conditions for Hair Loss.  Scalp injuries, ringworm, alopecia areata, and other condizioni mediche can sometimes lead to hair loss in children.  If your toddler has been losing hair, and you are concerned, you can always talk with their paediatrician to rule out any concerns.

Crescita dei capelli nei bambini piccoli

Finding the right strategies, methods, and toddler hair growth products for your little one may take some time.  Every child’s hair is different, and what works for one child may not work for your toddler.  Know that you are not alone; many toddlers experience perdita di capelli nei bambini or have very slowly growing hair.  Take a few minutes to re-read the tips and suggestions we shared above, and create a plan to help your toddlers’ hair grow in thick and healthy.  

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