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All-Natural Baby Hair Brush Set by Yellodoor


Set of Two Wooden Brushes in Presentation Gift Box with Cotton Draw-String Bag. Super Soft Goats Hair Bristles. Perfect Cradle Cap Brush for Newborns.




Baby Hair Brush Set made of Natural Materials

100% natural, hypoallergenic and made from eco-friendly solid beechwood.

Soft Baby Brush

Luxurious goat’s hair bristles soothes baby to sleep. Gentle and nurturing for a shiny head of hair.

Perfect for newborns with cradle cap. Flakes are gently brushed away after shampooing without discomfort

High quality bamboo wooden massage brush is a calming experience for your baby and aids circulation

This Baby Brush Set Comes with:

  • 2 natural baby brushes
  • A presentation box
  • 100% Cotton drawstring bag for keeping your brushes together – ideal for putting into your changing bag or handbag, having around in your child’s nursery or to bring with you whilst travelling

Only the best for your baby!

7 reviews for All-Natural Baby Hair Brush Set by Yellodoor

  1. Naomi

    These are perfect! Bought them for my daughter who is nearly 1, she has quite thick hair for her age and it now needs brushed after a bath and after naps when she lies on it. The soft brush is brilliant when her hair is dry and just needs a little brush and I use the other brush when it’s wet. She also loves to play with them and they are perfect size for little hands as well. They come in a lovely package so ideal for a gift and very good quality.

  2. Shanté Campbell

    Brush is perfect for my daughter who is 1 but the soft brush is way too soft for her hair. Will be using it for my new daughter when she arrives. Comes in a nice bag and box

  3. Owen

    Lovely set of brushes, really nicely packaged in a lovely box and bag, really soft on my little lads head too. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

  4. Lee

    Absolutely love this little set and would definitely recommend. It’s beautifully presented and would make a lovely gift. It’s soft and well made.

  5. Zuzana

    Good quality brushes. The soft one makes my baby’s hair nice and shiny.
    This set would make great gift as the package is so pretty 🙂

  6. Kimberley

    It’s adorable! Myself and my little girl love this set so much!

  7. Samuel

    Absolutely beautiful set of brushes. Stunning quality for an amazing price! The soft brush is so soft! Perfect for my little girl

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