As trivial as it may seem, baby clothes names and their meanings can be invaluable information for new mums and dads. From onesies to booties, names of clothing for babies can be tricky and hard to distinguish. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few of the most common types of baby clothes and where you can snag some of the most high quality pieces in the UK for your wee little one.

Baby Clothes Names

The Onesie Bodysuit

Never heard of a “onesie”? This term often leaves inexperienced parents scratching their heads, but rest assured, you’ll thank us once you’ve grabbed one, two or three, of these for your little one.

Out of all of the possible clothing gear you could grab for your baby, nothing beats a classic onesie. With its slim fit and bottom up bottoms, a onesie is the perfect choice for your baby to wear under his or her clothes or solo.

Onesies are also extremely useful as many of them have foldable shoulders that are designed to help you get your baby out of the onesie without needing to pull it over your baby’s head. This is particularly useful when those oh so wonderful “blowouts” occur, and suddenly, you’re panicking about how to get your baby’s clothes off without smearing their… well, you know… all over the place!

The “Sleep and Play” Coverall

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These come footed and un-footed. These romper-esque coverall suits are perfect for both sleeping and playing. Though many parents use these as pyjamas, there are more, especially during the newborn stage, that opt to keep baby in these duds all day.

The true beauty of the baby coverall is that they come in a variety of styles and fabrics, making them versatile enough to use all year. They often come with or without sleeves, with or without feet, and can be heavyweight or lightweight, depending on your needs.

They also come with a variety of undressing options that include zippers and buttons that make middle-of-the-night diaper changes a breeze. Cheers to that!


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You may not think so, but a beanie is a must -have, especially for your newborn.

Beanies are soft hats that keep your little one’s scalp warm as babies tend to lose heat faster than adults. So, go ahead. Ditch the hospital hat and invest in some cute and trendy patterns to match all of your little one’s best duds!

Just be sure to have a baby brush on hand, for those silly hat hair moments!

Sleep Sack

Thinking your baby won’t need a sleep sack? Well, that might be true, but honestly, there’s a multitude of parents that wouldn’t have their baby sleep without one!

Simply put, a “sleep sack” acts as a wearable blanket for your little one, since blankets aren’t recommended for children under one year of age.

Typically, sleep sacks come with a zipper, buttons or even velcro, and can be made of soft cotton or fleece material. There are multiple types, colours, fabrics and styles to choose from, so depending on the climate in your area, you may opt to pick something light or heavy weight.Just be sure not to confuse a sleep sack with a swaddle for your newborn.

Although some sleep sacks do double as swaddles, this isn’t true of all brands. So, be sure to check the details before purchase.


Bloomers can be looked at as shorts for babies, but most often, they are viewed as diaper covers.

They can be worn under dresses, over bodysuits or by themselves.

Depending on the colour and style, bloomers are suitable for both a boy and a girl, and are particularly useful in hot summer weather or lazy days hanging about the house!

Baby Pants

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Like the aforementioned bloomers, baby pants can be sported over onesies or underneath dresses to keep your baby warm in cooler months.

They come in a variety of types including leggings, sweatpants, jeans, overall and more.


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As prone to rising a chuckle as the name is, you’ll likely need these, especially if you live in a colder climate.

These thick knitted boots will provide the comfort and warmth your baby needs, while functioning as an adorable fashion statement, to boot! Pun intended!


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Yes… mittens.

Though many of you living in warmer weather may be thinking you can skip these, you may want to reconsider. The fact of the matter is that newborn mittens aren’t merely to keep your baby’s hand warm at night, but also to keep your newborn from scratching up his or her face.

Of course, mittens won’t be necessary for older babies or toddlers, unless you are, indeed, out in cold weather. But in the case of a newborn, you’ll quickly realise that mittens, particularly at night, are well worth the investment!

Keep your baby nails groomed with appropriate nail cutters or nail scissors (such as those found in a baby kit) so they don’t snag on the mittens.

Popular Baby Brands in the UK

Tired of the same ol’ baby gear at your nearest department store?

Get your baby something fresh and unique at any one of these popular baby clothing brands based in the UK:

Baby Clothes Names: FAQs

What Clothes to Buy For a Newborn

Out of the aforementioned list, there are quite a few must-haves for a newborn baby. Mittens will prevent your baby from scratching his or her face, and onesies will provide plenty of options for both day and night wear.

Likewise, coverall sleepers are perfect too, because let’s face it, newborns do little more than sleep and eat all day.

Trust us, you’ll be thankful you’re not having to take your newborn in and out of complicated outfits on those days you are operating on little to no sleep.

What else might you need for your little one? A lot of what you need to purchase for your newborn will depend on preference and your local weather, but most parents also find that they need:

  • Socks
  • Baby Pants
  • A Swaddle
  • Hats

What Babies Wear First 3 Months

Beyond the newborn stage, your baby will need all of the clothing and sleepwear mentioned in the prior segment, though you can also begin experimenting with other outfit ideas, as well.

Now might be the time you start experimenting with outfits outside of the good ol’ sleep and play or onesie. Try a cute dress for a girl or a dapper faux suit for a boy, on special occasions.

Be careful though.

Even though your little one is a bit older at 2-3 months, he or she is still very young. Make sure that the fabric and style you choose is comfortable and isn’t too restricting for your baby.

Also, go ahead and nix the cute little baby shoes. Yes, they look adorable, but your baby isn’t walking and socks will be so much more comfortable on your baby’s feet.

What Fabric Is Best For Baby Clothes?

Speaking of dressing young babies in comfortable fabrics, you should always focus on making sure that whatever your baby has on is breathable to prevent overheating and an unnecessary rash.

Breathable cotton and muslin options are the perfect choice. However, if you must do polyester or other materials, be sure to watch for skin reactions in your little one, and consider forgoing these materials altogether if the weather is particularly hot and humid for the day.

For even more ideas, check out how to keep your baby’s skin happy, healthy and hopefully, irritation free!

What Your Baby Wears Matters

Remember that although we understand your desire to have your baby look his or her best, it is important that you keep their comfort and safety in mind.

Always opt for breathable fabrics, such as cotton, whenever possible, and nix anything that is unnecessary, uncomfortable or restrictive for your baby.

Always pay close attention to the weather in your area and in your home, and dress your baby according to his or her environment. There are plenty of safe and comfortable options for babies and toddlers these days, so go ahead.

Have a ball!