When you’re a vegan family and you’ve got little ones running around, it can be tricky to know how exactly to go about the once in a while treat or – ahem – bribe. You may be wondering what to do when it comes time to give them some sweets as a reward or incentive. Sure, we’re all for nutrition here at Yellodoor, but some occasions call for a little fun. Whether for an upcoming birthday party, holiday or for sheer enjoyment, there are plenty of vegan friendly sweets available to suit your child’s tastes and fit their liking.

Vegan Friendly Sweets

What sweets are available in the UK that are vegan? Plenty.

Nevertheless, when choosing the best candy alternative for your kiddo, you’ll need to watch for sneaky ingredients like carmine, gelatine, whey, lactose, certain colourings and other additives.

Check out our list of sweets vegans can eat, below:

  • Starburst
  • Skittles
  • Jelly Tots
  • Fruit Pastilles
  • Flying Saucers
  • Haribo Rainbow Strips

And much more!

Now let’s talk about each sweet in detail to make sure they’re really vegan friendly.


Are Starbursts vegan? Yes, they are…if you are living in the UK, that is.

Not a problem for most vegans, Starbursts are an old-school classic that goes way back. Otherwise known as Opal Fruits, these sweets vegans can eat are bright and delicious.

Just be aware of the palm oil that’s in them. For some vegans, palm oil can be a deal breaker.


Ready to taste the rainbow? Now you can, guilt-free, because Skittles are quite safe to consume by vegans.

That’s right, your little toddler can gobble up a handful of these, after using a little baby safe hand sanitiser of course, and still be in compliance with a vegan diet if you choose these to be your little one’s next treat.

Available in a variety of colours and flavours, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Just be sure, as always, to watch out for the palm oil, though, as these do contain some.

Jelly Tots

Essentially animal byproduct free, Rowntree Jelly Tots are one of the few of the vegan friendly jelly beans available on the market.

Nevertheless, Jelly Tots, though delicious, are made in a factory that handles gelatine containing products, so these might not be a suitable choice for some vegans.

Fruit Pastilles

So, now that you know that Rowntree Jelly Tots are vegan, what about the Fruit Pastilles? Are Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles vegetarian and vegan?

Apart from the aforementioned factory warning, yes they are! This is a new change for the Rowntree company now owned by Nestle, and for many vegans, it is great news!

Flying Saucers

Described as rice paper wrapped wafers filled with sherbet, your child will absolutely love these Flying Saucers. They are certified vegan and have been around for ages.

Haribo Rainbow Strips

Are Haribo sweets vegan?

Eh, yes and no.

There’s not a ton of vegan options available from Haribo, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few accidentally vegan Haribo treats you and your vegan toddler or child can enjoy.

The next time you’re in the supermarket, keep your eyes peeled for Haribo Rainbow Strips. These vegan-friendly pull apart rainbows will work to keep your toddler happy, and occupied, at least for a few minutes!


Other Sweets Vegans Can Eat

Still trying to scratch that sugar-tooth itch, even after viewing our vegans sweets UK list? We hear ya.

The following are a few other options you and your child might enjoy:

  • Marshmallows – When it comes to what sweets vegans can eat, gelatine free sweets in the UK are always welcomed. Enter in marshmallows from Freedom Confectionery. Though you’d typically need to avoid marshmallows due to their gelatine-containing compounds, this no longer has to be a worry if your marshmallows are purchased from this company. So, go ahead, and roast a marshmallow or two for your toddler. We’re sure they’ll love it!
  • Liquorice – We won’t tell your littles if you take a nibble or two of these yourself. Stock up on Henry Goode’s Liquorice available in strawberry and classic, and without the added gelatine. Also, if you’re wondering “are liquorice Allsorts vegan?”, the answer is an astounding no…these liquorice treats unfortunately contain both beeswax and beef gelatine.
  • Cola Bottles – Talk about a blast from the past! The original Cola Bottles by Haribo are chock full of gelatine and beeswax, but the version from the Free From Fellows has you covered! Score!
  • Tesco Jelly Beans – We know we’ve mentioned jelly beans already in this post, but we couldn’t resist bringing them up one more time. At Tesco, you can find their brand named jelly bean which are the perfect Tesco vegan sweets. Thus, this is yet another brownie-point for the ever-popular Tesco supermarket, who also carries many other treats, snacks and foods specially crafted with vegans in mind.
  • Love Hearts – As with anything, be careful here. When looking for sweets suitable for vegetarians, you won’t want to go picking up just any ‘ole box of conversation hearts for your little one. Look for the Love Hearts, or Sweet Hearts in the U.S., brand for a seriously nostalgic and vegan alternative to other conversation candy heart types.
  • Softmints – Looking for something to mask the garlic or onions your child just noshed on? If it isn’t too spicy, you may want to try out the Softmint brand. Formulated without animal byproducts, this minty treat is safe for vegan children and families.
  • Ice Creams, Desserts, Chocolate and More – Okay, we know this is a broad category, but honestly, as companies get more on trend with the vegan game, they are releasing more and more traditionally un-vegan options to suit your toddler’s fancy. From chocolates, to ice cream, cake and more, companies are seeking to satisfy the ever-growing vegan customer base a few products at a time.

So, keep your eyes peeled the next time you are at your local grocer. You might just get a surprise!


Vegan Friendly Sweets: Vegan Sweets Are Now Available in Plenty

All in all, if you are looking for sweets to satisfy your littles one’s sweet tooth, you’ve got options, even if you are vegan. Just be sure to stay on top of your child’s dental health, including brushing and flossing, to keep bad baby breath at bay after chomping on these goodies, and also to watch for overfeeding your little one sweets as this could contribute to hyperactivity and accidental head bump injuries… ouch!

Look for candies made without a lot of unfamiliar artificial ingredients and look out for common repeat offenders like beeswax, gelatine, carmine and whey. We’re sure that by using the vegan sweets list above and completing your own research you’ll be bound to find something your child likes, and then some!