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Having a baby often conjures up a plethora of worries. It makes sense then, that parents, and especially new parents, would have concerns regarding the care and keeping of their little one’s nails. Though your newborn will be tiny, you’ll likely be surprised to see how long their nails have become! As a result, you’ll need to know how to cut baby’s nails with scissors or clippers to keep your little one, and others, safe!

Come tagliare le unghie dei bambini con le forbici

Quindi, puoi tagliare le unghie con le forbici? Sì.

But how to cut baby nails without clippers may sound daunting to many. For this reason, we’re providing a step-by-step guide on how to cut your baby’s nails with scissors the safe and easy way.

So, let’s get started.

Step-By-Step Guide to Cutting Your Baby’s Nails

Il tempismo è importante

A calm baby is a safe baby… and a calm parent helps, too! The last thing you’ll want when cutting your little one’s nails is a squirming, wiggling baby that is disgruntled and upset. Therefore, it is wise to avoid cutting your baby’s nails when you know that he or she is hungry, sleepy or grouchy.

Feeling a bit anxious, yourself? Then it might be best to hold off. Once you’re calm, you can take on the job, but in the meantime, throw some newborn mittens on your little one to keep him or her from scratching up their face.

Raccogli i tuoi strumenti

Once you’ve determined that you’re ready to take on the job, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right tools. When it comes to nail clippers vs scissors, clippers may run the risk of injury to your baby more so than scissors. For that reason, you’ll always want to make sure you grab clippers or scissors specifically designed for baby nails, such as those found in baby health care kits.

Le tue altre opzioni? Considera l'acquisto di una smerigliatrice da utilizzare per limare le unghie dei bambini alla lunghezza desiderata.

Posiziona il tuo bambino

Una volta che hai installato gli strumenti e sia tu che il tuo bambino siete calmi, è tempo di posizionare il bambino per un successo e una sicurezza ottimali.

To do this, sit your baby on your lap and face him or her away from you. For example, if you are facing the kitchen wall, your baby should also be facing the kitchen wall. This will give you a direct bird’s-eye view of your baby’s nails for a safe and effective trim. And be sure not to skip this step… neglecting to correctly position your baby could have you nicking your baby’s skin thus causing bleeding and infection.

Altre opzioni? Le mamme hanno avuto un grande successo allattando i loro bambini mentre si tagliano le unghie, e alcune lo fanno anche mentre il loro bambino dorme.

Alla fine, la scelta è tua!

Tienilo stretto

Along with proper positioning, you’ll also want to ensure you hold your baby’s fingers tightly to the lower risk of injury.

To do this, firmly push the pads of your baby’s fingers down and away to separate the edge of the nail from your baby’s skin. Once the edge of the nail has been exposed, take the edge of your baby nail scissors or clippers and trim the nail above the white nail line.

Don’t Rush It

As you go on about this process, remain cool and take your time. There’s no need to rush… doing so could result in injury.

As you slowly trim, follow the natural curve of your baby’s nails. If your baby becomes squeamish, it is okay to stop, even if it is only for a few seconds. Once your baby recuperates, you can proceed to finish the rest of his or her nails.

Se il tuo bambino non si calma mai o rifiuta completamente il processo, potrebbe essere saggio tagliargli le unghie nel corso della giornata, piuttosto che in un colpo solo.

Mantieni le unghie a livello

While you will certainly want to follow the natural curvature of your baby’s nails, be careful not to curve them too much. Too much of a curve in your baby’s nails, and especially the toe nails, can cause ingrown nails to develop.

Invece, segui la curva naturale dell'unghia, o meglio ancora, taglia il livello dell'unghia e sopra la linea dell'unghia bianca per evitare la formazione di unghie incarnite e infezioni.

Fai uno sforzo extra

Remember those emery boards we discussed earlier? While they are great to use on their own for taking down baby nails, they are also great for smoothing out any jagged edges left over after scissoring or clipping your baby’s nails. This will provide a smooth and nick-free finish.

Che è meglio: tagliaunghie per neonati vs forbici

When it comes to the tools you can use when trimming your baby’s nails, your choices come down to baby nail clippers vs scissors.

As far as nail clippers are concerned, you’ll want to make sure that you opt for the types that are made specifically for babies. These can be found in first aid kits, set per la cura del bambino o acquistati da soli.

Nail clippers, when used properly, have the advantage of having specially built in guards to help you lower the chances of nicking your baby. Some even come with LED lights, magnifying glasses, rubber grips and other cool features, although they certainly aren’t necessary to get the job done.

Another reason many parents grab for baby nail clippers? They’re familiar, effective and efficient. Just like cutting your own nails, you’ll be familiar with how the trimming process works with nail clippers, and for that alone, you might be more successful with them in the long run.

Bear in mind though, that when using baby nail clippers, you may find uneven or jagged little nails left behind. Use the emery boards mentioned earlier to smooth these jagged edges out in order to keep your little one’s nails from getting caught on clothing, blankets or even their own skin.

You may be wondering, “Can you cut nails with scissors?” as this can be a foreign concept to some. You can certainly cut your baby’s nails with scissors, but not any pair of scissors will do.

It is crucial that you select the correct pair, like the one that comes in this kit sanitario per bambini, in order to safely trim your baby’s delicate little nails.

Puoi persino nasconderne un paio o due nella stanza dei bambini come o il tuo bambino toddler’s essentials in their room in modo da poterli afferrare rapidamente, ogni volta che se ne presenta la necessità.

Pro di Baby Nail Scissors

Quindi, quali sono i vantaggi dell'utilizzo delle forbici per neonati?

Using rounded and specially designed baby scissors for your child’s nails will leave smoother, less jagged edges than would traditional baby nail clippers.

Contro delle forbici per unghie per bambini

I contro?

In realtà non ce ne sono, solo la tua familiarità con lo strumento. Molti non hanno familiarità con il compito di tagliare le unghie usando le forbici, quindi richiederà pazienza e pratica prima di farlo bene.

Il verdetto?

Pertanto, il nostro verdetto finale è che dovresti scegliere il metodo per tagliare le unghie con cui sei più a tuo agio.

For some, it’ll be scissors, yet for others, it’ll be clippers.

Ricorda, più calmo e fiducioso sei sul processo, più sicuro sarà il compito!

Domande frequenti: tagliare le unghie del bambino

“When can I start cutting my baby’s nails?”

Sometimes, it can be confusing to know when to cut baby nails for the first time, especially when you are a first time parent. Sure, you’d think it’d be obvious, but actually, you may find that your baby’s nails and their length are difficult to see at times, especially when it comes to their little toes.

To start, always check your baby over from birth, and yes, you should give your baby’s nails or toes a snip if they seem long. Because babies are unable to control their movements when they are young, they are much more prone to scratching their faces as they haphazardly wave their arms and legs.

Afraid to take on the job so early? We understand mum and dad. If your baby’s nails are particularly long, ask your nurse or midwife to help you with the task so that you’ll feel better equipped to do it on your own next time.

Già a casa dall'ospedale? Prova a fare un bagno veloce al tuo bambino o immergi le dita delle mani e dei piedi in acqua calda. A volte quando l'unghia si bagna, è più facile vedere i bianchi sulle punte e, quindi, li renderà molto più facili da tagliare.

Se questo ti rende ancora un po 'schizzinoso, puoi sempre tenere a bada e mettere i guanti al tuo bambino, invece. Ciò impedirà anche al tuo bambino di avere mani fredde durante il giorno o durante la notte.

Tieni presente, tuttavia, che questo compito dovrà essere svolto prima, piuttosto che dopo, quindi è importante non rimandarlo troppo a lungo. Puoi persino chiedere l'aiuto di qualcun altro per aiutare a mantenere il tuo bambino fermo mentre tagli via con attenzione.

“What should I do if I accidentally cut my baby’s finger?”

When you accidentally cut your baby’s finger, it can be scary to say the least. Rather than panic, apply pressure with a clean gauze until the bleeding stops. You may also wish to rinse the area with warm water. Whatever you do, be sure not to keep any type of bandage, cloth or dressing around your baby’s cut as your baby may suck at it, or even ingest it, later on.

“Is it better to cut nails wet or dry?”

While it is true that wetting your baby’s fingers or toes can sometimes help you see the white tips of their nails more easily, that isn’t to say that cutting your baby’s nails while they are wet is always best practise.

Poiché le dita delle mani e dei piedi del tuo bambino saranno probabilmente scivolose a questo punto, potresti trovarti meno in grado di ottenere una buona presa per una clip sicura. Inoltre, tagliare le unghie mentre sono bagnate può spesso lasciare bordi affilati o frastagliati.

If you find that you need or prefer to clip your baby’s nails while they are wet, be sure to thoroughly dry your baby’s hands and feet before attempting to do so, and be sure to use an emery board afterwards, especially after using clippers, to remove any sharp edges that might remain.

"Cosa fare se tagli le unghie del bambino troppo corte?"

If you do end up cutting your baby’s nails too short, try not to be too hard on yourself. Do understand, though, that this may hurt for a while, as your baby’s delicate nail bed may be exposed.

After applying pressure to stop any bleeding, you may opt to apply some antiseptic cream to the area to prevent infection. Be gentle with your baby as you handle the affected finger, and over time, your baby’s nail will likely heal.

If, however, an infection develops and begins to spread, be sure to talk to your paediatrician. He or she may prescribe an antibiotic to clear the infection. Moreover, always remember to put mittens on your baby anytime you apply healing creams to prevent any of it from getting into your baby’s mouth.

“Can I use my teeth to cut my baby’s nails?”

Many mums and dads tote this as a tried and true method of getting your baby’s nails to a comfortable length, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always a wise practise.

Indeed, using your teeth to cut your baby’s nails may seem like a less daunting option but, in the long run, it could increase the risks of injury and infection.

Your mouth is full of bacteria, and it will be much easier to transfer those germs to your tiny baby’s nail beds. In the event that nicks occur or that there were pre-existing cuts or wounds on your baby’s hands, bacteria can seep into your baby’s skin, causing infection.

Quindi, sebbene allettanti, noi di Yellodoor consigliamo di evitare di usare i denti per motivi di cautela e sicurezza.

How to Cut Baby Nails With Scissors: Ultimately, Your Mode of Clipping Your Baby’s Nails Is Up to You!

At the end of the day, how you choose to cut your baby’s nails is up to you, and choosing either baby nail clippers or baby nail scissors depends on your preference.

Sebbene ognuno abbia i suoi pro e contro, la cosa più importante su cui i genitori dovrebbero concentrarsi è il tempismo, la tecnica e la sicurezza.

By following the steps previously mentioned and getting a few tries under your belt, we’re certain that you’ll become a baby nail-cutting pro in no time!

Desideri maggiori informazioni? Dai un'occhiata a questa guida su how to clip your baby’s nails oppure, per una bella risata, guarda il video qui sotto, rivolto ai papà che potrebbero avere un piccolo aiuto nel reparto di taglio delle unghie dei bambini!