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Ah, good old wives tales. They can throw mums and dads in the UK. in a tizzy, can’t they? You may have heard that cutting a child’s hair before the age of one is a no-no, or you may have heard that doing so could cause your baby’s hair to grow back faster. So, what’s the truth? We will answer those questions and more on when and if you should cut baby hair before 1 year coming up.

Let’s get to it.

Cut Baby Hair Before 1 Year

Why Do You Not Cut a Baby’s Hair Before Age 1?

You may be wondering, “Why shouldn’t you cut your baby’s hair before one year?”

If you are asking this question, it is likely in response to what someone has told you. Truthfully, there isn’t much reason why you shouldn’t cut your baby’s hair before age one in terms of hair growth or quality, but there are a few considerations you should keep in mind before doing so.

Remember that babies can’t sit up until around age 6 months. Having your baby sit up straight will be important in order for your baby to get a good trim and to stay safe.

Moreover, many babies in the U.K. lose much of their hair after birth due to a shift in hormones. This is normal and to be expected.

As such, you may wish to hold off on reaching for the clippers until this normal shedding process has finished, also around 6 months.

Can I Cut Newborn Hair?

You could technically cut newborn hair, but it isn’t recommended. Again, this has nothing to do with causing the hair to come back in thicker or thinner or making it better or worse, but rather, it has to do with your baby’s inability to sit up and sit still during the process.

You should also remember that babies, and especially newborns, will regulate their temperature through their head. As a result, removing hair from your baby’s head at such a young age could put them at risk for a loss in body heat, which may lead to illness, particularly in colder weather.

Can I Cut My 3 Month Old Baby’s Hair?

You can certainly attempt to cut your baby’s hair at 3 months, but again, we recommend waiting until your baby can sit up and has shed the initial round of baby hair before attempting a fresh cut.

When to Cut Baby Hair

When Should I Cut My Baby’s Hair For the First Time?

Some recommend waiting until 6 months to cut your baby’s hair while others recommend waiting until your baby’ first birthday. Whichever you choose, remember that the older your child is the easier the process will likely be.

Bear in mind also, that many mums and dads in the U.K. choose not to cut their baby’s hair at all. Whether or not you should cut your baby’s hair is completely at the discretion of mum and dad, provided that the baby is comfortable and doesn’t have hair poking them in the eyes.

Why Do We Cut Baby’s First Hair?

The reason people choose to cut their baby’s hair varies. For some, the shaving of a baby’s head is a cultural practise, while for others, it is a desperate attempt to correct a perceived problem by the parent. 

These problems include but are not limited to:

  • Uneven Hair Growth
  • Thin Hair
  • Thick and Unruly Hair
  • Hair That Is Too Long

Though these are common reasons parents choose to have their baby’s first hair cut, it is important to note that not all of them are rooted in reality. 

For example, cutting baby hair in hopes that it will grow thicker may be a futile effort. Most research shows that this practise for cutting hair actually does not cause hair to grow in faster. Rather, hair growth and quality are vastly dependent on genetics and other factors, such as health and nutrition.

If you are interested in knowing more facts about baby and toddler hair, check out this article debunking old wives tales involving baby hair.

1 Year Old Haircut

How do I cut my 1 year old’s hair?

Cutting your 1 year olds hair can be tricky, but it is easiest done by a stylist who knows what he or she is doing.

Nevertheless, if you feel up to the challenge of trimming or cutting your baby’s hair, you may wish to do so with another adult present who can help you hold the baby still. 

Be sure to have a toy, snack or programme ready to soothe your baby or toddler during the process.

So, how do I trim my baby’s hair? 

Go slowly, with scissors, and start at the nape of the neck. Never cut wet hair, as hair will appear longer when wet. For step-by-step directives on how to cut a baby’s hair, check out this article on how to cut baby hair.

Shaving Baby Hair

Can I Shave My Baby’s Hair?

First and foremost, if you plan to shave your child’s hair in the U.K., be sure not to use a razor under any circumstances. Not only are they vastly dangerous, but they can injure your baby’s delicate scalp.

Provided that your child is at least six months old, shaving your child’s hair might be an option, but be sure you know what you are doing. Otherwise, you’ll want to have this done by a professional. 

Additionally, be sure to take note of the reason you are having this done. If it is because you believe it will make your child’s hair grow in faster, that may not be the case. To help with hair growth, you may wish to look into our articles Toddler Hair Growth Products et Tips to Make My Baby’s Hair Grow Faster for more details.

How do I shave my newborn’s hair?

If you are thinking about shaving your child’s hair, the same rules apply as with scissors. You’ll want to WAIT until your child is at least 6 months old, with 1 year old being the most preferable. 

Shaving your child’s head while he or she is a newborn may be a custom in some cultures, but we highly advise against this practise. It is most often done to cause hair to grow back thicker, but remember, the thickness of hair has to do with genetics, so this practise simply won’t work.

Additionally, some parents worry about thick yellow scaling or dandruff that appears on their baby’s scalp. If this is you, know that cutting or shaving your baby’s hair won’t cure this common ailment, otherwise known as “cradle cap”. Rather, consider brushing your baby’s hair gently after shampooing with a soft all-natural brush. This all-natural and luxurious goat’s hair brush and massaging brush is perfect for newborns with cradle cap and can encourage and stimulate growth if the quality or thickness of your baby’s hair is an issue for you.

Baby First Haircut Salon

Should I Have My Baby’s Hair Cut Professionally For the First Time?

If you take your child to a salon or barbershop, be sure to prepare your child in advance. This option is often looked at as the most logical when it comes to your child’s cut and we agree. However, there may be instances where your child is more comfortable in his or her own environment and would prefer getting his or her haircut at home. In this case, you should do it yourself or ask a stylist to come to your home.

To prepare your child for a trip to a stylist in the U.K. in advance, you may choose to talk about the process up front, read a book to your child about getting their haircut or pretend to cut your child’s hair yourself to get them used to the procedure.

When you arrive at the stylist, be sure to come prepared with a toy, snack or electronic if need be, to distract the child in the event that he or she is uncomfortable with the haircutting process.

If your child begins to get upset and starts crying, it may be best to try again another day. Be sure also to not take your child to the salon or barber during peak times, and also to ensure that the child has had a full meal so that he or she isn’t hungry during their first clip.

Cutting Baby Hair…Depends on the Parents

All in all, when it comes to cutting baby hair, remember that this practise isn’t often necessary. Most times, you’ll want to carefully examine your reasoning for wanting to cut his or her hair. Is the hair too long? Is it uneven? Or do you have preconceived notions such as that your baby’s hair will grow in thicker if you do cut their hair? 

Once you’ve determined your reasoning and checked the facts, you may proceed with cutting your little one’s hair given that he or she is old enough, and that you are using the correct measures to do so to maximise your child’s health and safety.