How to get baby to sleep longer stretches at night

We’ve teamed up with the wonderful Susan Wallace from Settled Petals to bring you top tips for pampering your Little One and dealing with those troublesome teething and cold issues.

Susan recommends using the Mother Goose Baby Care Kit, which has all the useful things in a baby care set you need to help care for baby.

Read on for Susan’s expert advice:

Spending quality one-to-one time pampering your Little One can help to create a positive bond, whilst meeting your baby’s individual needs.

Providing relaxation, an opportunity to develop your relationship, whilst supporting them with any discomfort they may be experiencing. Two of the most common discomforts experienced by babies are teething pain and cold symptoms.

Teething Pain

Teething pain is experienced as their teeth begin to make their way through the baby’s gums. Inserting a clean finger into your baby’s mouth and gently massaging the gums, can support with this. It can be helpful to wet a colour-free washcloth, fold it up and place it in a sandwich bag in the freezer. Then under supervision allow your child to chew on this, allowing the cold texture to offer relief to their little gums. I recommend using a washcloth which is 100% natural and super soft, and ideally bamboo, as you’ll find in Yellodoor’s Mother Goose Baby Care Kit.

Cold Symptoms Your Baby Might Experience

As babies primarily breathe out of their noses, they can become particularly uncomfortable when they experience a cold. Relief can be offered by placing your two fingers at either side of the top of your baby’s nose. Then gently trace your fingers down each cheek, following the area where the sinus’ run. Always travel your fingers from nose to cheek to help to aid congestion relief. A humidifier placed in the room where your baby sleeps can also aid congestion relief. Many parents find it useful to use a Nasal Aspirator to further support with nasal congestion. Again, the Mother Goose Kit includes one of these essential aids.

Massage Your Baby

Baby massage is an excellent way to bond with your baby.

Supplying a 15-minute body massage to your baby can promote sleep, relaxation and releases oxytocin (the feel good hormone) in both the baby and the massage provider. In addition to relief from cold symptoms and teething, it can also support with colic, constipation and wind.

Why not finish the pamper session with a manicure (to prevent your baby’s nails scratching themselves) using the nail scissors, nail clippers and nail files found in the Yellodoor Baby Care kit, and then brushing their hair using the soft bristle brush or infant comb provided. The kit also includes a digital thermometer to ensure your little one is the correct temperature (baby massage should never be completed whilst your baby has a temperature) and a cute little Finger Puppet Distractor to entertain your baby. All of these items are stored in a zip up organiser making it perfect for both home use and whilst out and about.

Learn more about the delicate art of baby massage

To access Settled Petals online Baby Massage resource, which teaches you how to complete a full body massage on your baby, as well as specific routines such as cold relief, colic / wind / constipation relief, teething support and sleep promotion click the link.

The resource contains videos and instructions combining Baby Massage with Baby Reflexology and Baby Acupressure.

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