Struggling to add variety and fun to you and your vegan child’s lifestyle at home? Worry no more. We at Yellodoor have pulled together a comprehensive guide of what snacks you can get away with, as well as where to buy them, so that you can have the variety, flavour, and even the nutrition, you’ve been searching for, all in a form that is purely vegan. You’ll find in this post vegan snacks available in the UK for your child!

Vegan Snacks UK

When it comes to “what snacks are vegan” in the UK, you’ll be glad to know that you’ve got several options for you and your family.

Small children need healthful ingredients to support their growing minds and bodies, but the occasional fun treat here and there is also achievable, even whilst on a vegan diet. Just be careful not to give crunchier treats to little ones whose teeth are coming in late, or whose digestive system is still too fragile to break down some of these yummy goodies.

So, if you’re wondering, “What are some vegan snacks that I can give my child?” we’re here to help you figure that out.


Vegan Crisps UK List For Children

First on our list are vegan crisps.

Many often wonder, “Can vegans eat crisps?” and “Are crisps vegan?”

The answers to these questions will depend on the variety and type.

For example, a crisp that is made purely from vegetables, like potatoes, and fried in vegetable oil would, certainly, appear to be vegan and relatively safe to feed your vegan child. However, not everything is that simple in the land of veganism.

Indeed, there are some instances where animal-byproducts may be lurking around in your crisps, or any snack for that matter, that you aren’t aware of.

So, what kind of additives might be causing your seemingly vegan crisps UK to become not-so-vegan, after all? Flavourings, whey and other additives are commonly used to help boost the taste of an otherwise safe vegan snack.

Even some trusted brands may flip the switch on vegans and start changing recipes to satisfy their wider customer base, leaving vegans frustrated and confused about what to feed their children.

But don’t worry. We feel your frustration and would like to offer you a few currently vegan-friendly alternatives to otherwise non-vegan crisps to satisfy your little one’s cravings, and probably yours, too!

Here are a few of our top picks:

  1. Tyrell’s Root Vegetable Chips – Made from, you guessed, it, root vegetables, this one would be hard to pass up, especially for children. With a healthy dose of parsnips, beetroots and carrots, this is the perfect once-in-a-while treat that won’t leave you feeling too guilty.
  2. Hippeas Chickpea Puffs – Another vegan fan-fave, this bag of puffed crisps are a great alternative to puffed Cheetos, and offers a healthy dose of fibre and protein to boot. Just be careful when selecting flavours for your little one. The “Chili Haze” might be a little too spicy for them, but the “Take it Cheesy” or “Sweet & Smokin” flavours are likely to be a perfect match!
  3. Tesco Bacon Rashers – Yes, there is “bacon” in the title, but if it’s Tesco, how could it be wrong? Indeed, Tesco has made a bacon flavour for all vegan families to enjoy, but don’t worry, there is only maise, rice, onion powder, turmeric and other vegan safe ingredients in this no-bacon, yet delicious, recipe!


Vegan Sweets UK List for Children

There are times in every child’s life when sweets just make sense. The same is true for vegan families.

So, what sweets can vegans eat? Plenty!

Here are a few that caught our eye:

  1. Starbursts– What child, or adult, doesn’t love a good Starburst once in a while? Well, you’ll be glad to know that Starbursts are, indeed, making it on our top vegan sweets list. Available in many flavours including lemon, strawberry, cherry and more, these are the perfect bartering tool for good behaviour following a trip to the supermarket!
  2. Love Hearts – Valentine’s Day ahead? Love Hearts can say “I love you” better than chocolate…sometimes. Surprise your little one with a box of these vegan-friendly Love Hearts to show them how much you care this Valentine’s Day holiday season.
  3. Skittles – Likely a blast from your own past childhood memories, Skittles are another candy staple that are vegan and ready to be enjoyed by your child. Just be careful though. As with anything on this list, be sure not to feed these mini-sized candies to children under the age of 3, as doing so may pose a significant choking hazard.

Please note that while the occasional sugary treat is perfectly fine, sometimes a firm “no” when your toddler or small child is demanding more goodies is totally appropriate. For more ideas on how, and when, to set boundaries with your child, check out our blog.


Vegan Chocolate UK List for Children

You didn’t think we were going to list top vegan sweets UK without mentioning top vegan chocolates, did you?

Vegan chocolates, though few and far between, deserve their own section here.

But be advised, many of these delectables come in only the dark form which your child may find bitter if they aren’t used to it.

Moreover, dark chocolates tend to contain far more caffeine than milk chocolate, and this is especially true the darker that the chocolate is. Therefore, use discretion when feeding these types of chocolates to your child, and avoid them completely before bedtime and in large amounts.

  1. Vegan Town UK Chocolates – Craving the variety of conventional chocolate for a special treat to give your little one? Fear no more. Vegan Town UK has an infinite assortment of vegan chocolates sure to satisfy even the pickiest taste buds. Looking for other types of candies to enjoy? In addition to the above listed vegan sweets vegans can eat, Vegan Town UK has an assortment of both vegan sweets and chocolate to satisfy any sugary craving.
  2. Sainsbury’s Deliciously Free From Chocolate Bar – Free of wheat, dairy and gluten, the Sainsbury Deliciously Free bar is perfect for those with sensitive diets. Moreover, these bars are considered vegan making them the perfect worry-free addition to your staple chocolate collection.
  3. Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate – Think the Cadbury bunny is out of the question for Easter this year? Well, the bunny might be, but not the chocolate! Cadbury has a brand of chocolate that is dairy and animal byproduct free known as their Bournville dark chocolate. Just be careful to not to give too much of this rich dark chocolate or you may risk over stimulating your little one.


Tesco Vegan Snacks

Who doesn’t love a good Tesco snack?

If you’re looking for your child to graze snacks Tesco-style, the following are great options:

  1. Tesco’s “Free From” Dairy Free Cheese – A classic yet vegan-free take on cheese and crackers, you can pair this cheese with any vegan cracker for a filling snack full of healthy coconut oil fat to keep your child satiated until his or her next meal. With over ten different cheese flavours, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t pick this up at your local Tesco before!
  2. Tesco’s “Free From” Yoghurt: Along with dairy-free cheese comes the added benefit of Tesco carrying their own brand of dairy-free yoghurt. Among the lineup comes blueberry, raspberry, passionfruit, mango and plain flavours, making this an easy thing to pull out of the fridge on a busy day in your vegan household.
  3. Tesco’s “Free From” Cereals: Some days it is just nice to pull out a box of cereal for a quick snack. Check out Tesco’s “Free From” line yet again to discover fun additions for your kitchen pantry including vegan cereal Tesco Honey Hoops, Choco-Snaps and more. Just be sure to buy the “Free From” variety when picking out your next box, and be sure to pair it with one of Tesco’s “Free From” plant-based milks to nix dairy and animal byproducts, completely.


Accidentally Vegan Foods UK

When it comes to accidentally vegan snacks, we will want to split the results into two categories.


Because for accidentally vegan snacks, the truth is that many will be better health-wise for your little one than others. Fruits and veggies, for example, will top the list of approved vegan snacks that your child can indulge in whenever he or she likes.

However, if you are looking for the occasional vegan junk food in the UK, don’t worry…we’ve got a curated list of goodies for that, too!

Healthy Accidentally Vegan Snacks

Sometimes, a spoonful of almond butter and side of baby carrot sticks and celery can really fit the bill when it comes to young children.

There are many accidentally vegan snacks that come straight from the heart of nature and provide the vitamins, nutrients and nourishment needed to keep vegan children growing healthy and strong.

Almonds, Cashews and Other Nuts

As already mentioned, almonds, along with cashew nuts, are great sources of protein which is great when you’ve nixed animal products due to a vegan lifestyle.

Moreover, both of these nuts provide an ample amount of magnesium which is crucial for controlling blood sugar levels and improving nerve function.

Plain Fruit

Another great snack option is to serve up plain fruit to your little one for his or her snack. Pair this with dairy-free cheese, yogurt or cereal, and you’ll have a toddler ready and willing to eat. Look to options like apples and bananas, that provide serious sustenance without all of the calories and fat.

You could even check out Nim’s Pineapple and Beetroot Fruit and Veg Crisps that boast of being made from only a few vegan-friendly ingredients and are air-dried, never fried, for added health-appeal.


What’s better than veggie crisps? Vegetables in the raw, of course!

This isn’t to say that all of the vegetables you eat can’t be cooked, but rather, to have your little ones consume their veggies in a natural format, whether they are baked, steamed or sauteed.

Try carrots, cherry tomatoes or even slipping some spinach into a fruit smoothie for a delicious and tasty snack packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Beans and Lentils

We know what you’re thinking. My children would ever eat beans as a snack! But give us a chance, here.

Try hummus and carrots, mashed beans on toast or roasted chickpeas for a sneaky way to incorporate a snack that is high fibre, high protein and highly delicious!


“Other” Accidentally Vegan Snacks

Still craving other options? Here are a few other accidentally vegan foods you may have never thought of for your toddler or small child:

  1. Popcorn Ah, yes. Perhaps the most infamous of all snacks comes salty and delicious popcorn. But, as you likely know, not all popcorn is created equal. Opt for pops made without butter and be sure to check for any sneaky additives that might be made from animal byproducts. Your best bet? Just grab a plainly flavoured variety from the shelf, perhaps lightly salted, and we can almost guarantee, your kiddo will love it.
  2. Sweet Corn with Seasonings and Veggies Want something quick, easy and nutritious? Put some of that sweet summer corn to use! Throw in a few onions, squeeze in some lime, or add a few colored peppers. Sautee on the stove in your favourite butter alternative, and your little ones might just be begging for more!
  3. Smoothies Yep, your children can have these too…with a little variation, of course. Nix the milk and yoghurt and replace it with either a yoghurt alternative, plant-based milk or a blend of both. For added creaminess, step up the amount of bananas you use… usually one to two will do it, depending on the serving size. For thicker smoothies, be sure to freeze your bananas ahead of time.
  4. “Nice” Cream Okay, so this technically isn’t ice cream, but it sure is a sweet treat for long summer days. Similar to a smoothie, you’ll use plain frozen fruit in this concoction, but use lesser milk. In fact, depending on the ability of your blender, you may be able to get away with no liquid at all, save a splash of water to get things moving. Try putting frozen strawberries in with a frozen banana and blend with a little water, only as needed. You’ll be surprised at the thick, luscious and rich consistency, very similar to that of ice cream. Your tots will love it!

Want more choices in terms of vegan junk food available in the UK? Maybe you’re throwing a birthday party or just want to give your child an occasional treat.

Check out the following “accidentally vegan” yummy snack alternatives for a vegan splurge:

For even more ideas, take your pick from this free-flowing list of snack favourites straight from PETA UK.


Which Supermarket Is Best For Vegan Food?

Whether you are newly vegan or have been on your vegan journey for some time, it can be hard to find a local grocer in the UK offering an ample supply of healthful and creative vegan options to satisfy your little ones potentially picky palate.

Check out the following supermarkets in your area to make vegan shopping that much easier:

  1. TescoYou’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again… Tesco is one of the number one spots you can pick up your vegan groceries this season. With countless options and their “Free From” lines, many of which are vegan friendly, you’ll have a cart full of guilt-free and animal-friendly products your children will love. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Plant Chef line and Wicked Kitchen sandwiches, all of which are pure YUM for vegans!
  2. Aldi When the budget is tight, Aldi is your guy. With brand new options rolled out recently, you’ll be hard-pressed to pass up a vegan pizza or their new vegan meatless sausage rolls for quick morning and afternoon eats.
  3. Sainsbury On par with Tesco, this is yet another hot vegan spot where you can fill your cart without guilt. Take a peek at their Plant Pioneer line or try out the White Rabbit Alternative Pizza Co. You and your children are likely to enjoy every bite!
  4. Waitrose If you’re looking to up the ante on your child’s taste palette, look no further than Waitrose. With dozens of options and coveted flavours like spicy garlic sauces and savory barbecue, it is quite possible that Waitrose will become your new fave to cop your vegan groceries for the week.


Give Your Child’s Vegan Lifestyle Some Kick

Now that you know the world of options you’ve got ahead of you, go ahead, mum and dad, and take your pick! From dairy-free cheeses to chocolates and sweets, supermarkets and retailers are attempting, now more than ever, to scratch that craving itch with delicious, and sometimes even nutritious, vegan options for you to choose for your child in regards to treats and snacks. From Tesco to Sainsbury, and even Waitrose, there are many vegan options available to you and your kiddo at an affordable cost.

So, go ahead. Snag some baby hand sanitiser and some snacks on-the-go, and you’re off to start the day with fuel in your bag to keep your little one satiated and energized until your next meal.

Worried about how to plan and prep for your new baby or current child’s vegan diet? Click here to see NHS’ recommended vitamin intake for youngsters, as well as how to incorporate these vitamins in their daily meals.