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First hand learnings from someone who should know better!

As your annual holiday in the sun looms, you start to get that familiar anticipation and excitement for being away in the sun, kicking back and enjoying those special times with your family. The sound of the sea lapping on the beach, or the feel of diving into a warm pool. Even a cocktail or two!

Holidays can’t come around quick enough, so there’s plenty of time to get everything ready, get the suitcases down from the loft and think about the things you’ll need for the trip. Phone chargers and Kindles seem to be top of the list these days, along with bottles of sun cream and aftersun.

One thing that lots of people don’t have on the list is a small and compact travel size first aid kit, because rarely do the dreamy relaxing images in our minds include what can actually happen when things go wrong! Considering Yellodoor makes lots of first aid kits, you’d think that my list would have one of our own products right at the top, wouldn’t you?

It seems I’m just like 90% of the population who tend to overlook this most important addition to the packing list. That’s what I discovered this week when our summer break in the sun was unexpectedly brought back to reality with not one, but two minor first aid incidents. The first one was a shower screen falling off its track, pivoting forward and then smashing into thousands of tiny glass splinters. I stood still whilst this seemed to play out in slow motion and was then ‘peppered’ with literally dozens of little shards of glass piercing my hands, feet and legs. Nothing too serious in the scheme of things, but where was that travel first aid kit I meant to pack? Doh! The second incident involved my wife burning her fingers whilst cooking. Not an unusual thing to happen, but unusually severe and painful. An hour spent with fingers resting on a pack of frozen sausages was the best way we could we find to alleviate the pain. Where’s that travel first aid kit I meant to pack? Doh!

Why you should pack a travel first aid kit

Now if I had thought ahead and packed one of our own kits, I would have been quite smug thinking how responsible I’d been. Let’s look at the items inside a Yellodoor travel first aid kit that could have made these everyday incidents less of a trauma: Plasters? Check. Various sizes? Check. Some bandage and tape, if it had been really bad. Tweezers? Check. Now they would have been very handy for removing those tiny pieces of glass! Burncare sachets? Check. We really needed those! My wife’s sore and blistered fingers would have benefited immensely from the cooling solution that takes the heat out of the delicate, but damaged area of skin.

This week away has reminded me how important it is that we all have access to first aid essentials. First aid kit travel boxes from Yellodoor are there to address this need, but rather than being uninspiring green bags with white crosses on them, we’ve designed kits that fit with your lifestyle; first aid essentials that you’ll actually want to carry with you. Perfect for your handbag, changing bag, gym bag, or to keep within arm’s reach at home or the car. And always there when you need it.

First aid supplies are essential

First aid may be important but they don’t have to be boring. Hopefully we can change that, but it seems that change will have to start with myself. Never again will I overlook taking one of these handy little bags of essentials with me when I travel. I’ve been a numpty, but you can learn from my mistakes. Pack a Yellodoor Travel First Aid Kit in your luggage and even if you don’t use it, you’ll sleep easier knowing its there if you ever need it!

Also, always check that your first aid kit is complete after using it. Having a travel first aid kit list would be useful to make sure you have everything you need!