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Sitting is a huge step for your baby because, once they can do it unassisted, it’s time for them to start crawling, and walking! The milestone is highly essential for the needed development of their motor functions. Since bumbo seats are commonly used to help babies sit up, a lot of concerned parents ask themselves “when can my baby sit in a Bumbo seat?”

If you’re looking for an answer to this critical question, you’re in for a treat! In the following article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about bumbo seats and whether they’re good for helping your baby sit up!

A Baby Learning to Sit Up Chair/Baby Learning To Sit Chair

One of the most popular items that are used in helping babies to sit up and learning to do it the right way are those chairs used to help babies to sit up. Let’s have a brief overview of their safety and the right age to let your baby use them to sit up.

Is It Bad for Babies to Sit Up Too Early?

Surprisingly, it’s not always a great idea to get babies to do things well before they’re old enough for it. In fact, sitting up is one of these developmental milestones that you shouldn’t rush too early.

In addition to mental development, sitting up requires actual strength to be acquired by your baby’s body in order to do it.

Sitting upright in itself isn’t a huge obstacle for any healthy baby provided that they have enough muscles on their back, legs, shoulders, and arms.

Moreover, there must be a healthy development into your child’s balance and stability centre in their brains first.

Can You Sit a 2 Month Old Baby?

As you already know, babies need to have enough muscular and orientational support as well as upper body strength to be able to sit up freely and on their own.

If your baby starts to manifest signs of upper body strength at 2 months of age, it’s a green light for you to sit the baby up.

Is it Bad to Sit a Baby Up at 2 Months?

It’s neither good nor bad for your baby to sit up at 2 months of age. The actual problem to get your baby to sit up when they don’t have the strength for it.

This can cause some strain on their underdeveloped muscles, which can make them uncomfortable and fatigued.

Can I Put a 3-Month-Old Baby in a Sitting Position?

With enough tummy time and reclining, your baby will get enough strength to support the weight of their own upper body.

If you’re unsure about that, one of the safest times to put your baby in a sitting position is when they’re 3 months old. At that time, most babies are ready to sit up.

How Can You Help your Baby Learn How to Sit up?

When it’s time for your baby to sit up, your contribution will be dearly appreciated by your baby. Ideally, most babies gather enough body strength to do so at around 2 months of age.

At that time, babies will hold their head up and begin to push their bodies with their tiny arms while lying on their bellies.

You might never need to intervene while your baby is trying to sit up. However, you can always encourage your baby and even correct their pose from time to time.

Seats to Help Babies to Sit Up

Bumbo is among the most popular brands when it comes to booster seats and chairs used to help babies to sit up properly. Here’s what you should know about these seats and when to use them.

Currently, the Bumbo 940180 Floor seat is among the most popular sit up boosters by Bumbo.

Do Bumbo Seats Help Babies Learn to Sit Up?

These chairs will help your baby sit at a higher level than when they’re lying on their bellies. This can be crucial for their development, especially if your baby is learning how to sit up at a relatively slower pace.

When Can A Baby Sit Up in the Bumbo Chair?

A lot of consumer agencies warn about bumbo seat safety, claiming that they’ll slow down the process of learning how to sit.

However, Bumbo seats are designed in various styles and sizes for babies that are having a hard time maintaining a sitting up position without an aid.

This means that you should only use these seats if your baby is between the age of 3 to 12 months, have enough strength to support their own body, but can’t sit upright unaided.

Are Bumbo Seats Good or Bad?

Some people think that Bumbo seats are bad for babies because these seats lock the baby into a different position than they are when they’re sitting naturally.

In general, bumbo seats aren’t bad for babies who are developing at a natural pace in terms of sitting up.

In other words, if your baby is showing signs of development without needing the chair, they’re better off without it, as it might hinder them from developing.

But, if your baby is having challenges sitting up unaided, having a bumbo seat around will help them to not miss the developmental stage while learning to sit up at their own pace.

However, you’ll still need to help and encourage your baby to sit up without the bumbo chair too. But more on that later.

What Can I Use Instead of a Bumbo Seat?

If you’re looking for an alternative to bumbo seats, you can use some items that give a similar kind of support to your baby while they’re learning how to sit. Let’s have a quick look at these options.

Chair for Babies to Learn to Sit Up

These chairs are specialized chairs that are designed to aid your baby while they’re trying to sit upright.

The transitional seats are easily adjustable to your baby’s body size, so you change their size as your baby grows up quicker in this crucial period of their life. As you can see, these chairs usually follow the same concept that Bumbo Seats use, so they count as just alternatives.

Here’s a brief list of the best items that you can use as chairs for babies to learn to sit up:

Types of Seats That Help Babies to Sit Up

There are various types of seats that are used to help babies to sit up properly. Here’s a quick look at these types

Cloth Chairs

These are regular chairs with extra cloth support that help in keeping your baby in place while sitting, you can use them as a method to get your baby to learn how to sit.


Walkers help babies learn how to walk. To use them as a support seat for sitting, you only need to stabilize them first.

Because they’re also used in a futuristic important milestone and double as a seat to help baby to sit up, they’re excellent value options that will also save you money by adding some extra care from your side.

Booster Chair

These are the common types of seats that help the baby sit upright. Bumbo seats are the most popular brands in that niche.

10 Tips to Encourage Child to Sit Up Properly

  1. Get down on the floor with your baby and move with him or her towards sitting up.
  2. It’s okay if you want to adjust your baby’s position slowly into sitting up.
  3. Encourage your baby when they’re doing well by clapping, cheering in a high pitched voice, and happy faces.
  4. Give your baby enough time on their bellies when they hit the one-month-old mark. Babies instinctively try to shift from the tummy to sitting up with time.
  5. Add pillows or cushions to aid your baby while they’re trying to sit up.
  6. Use bumbo seats to gradually put your baby in a sitting up position.
  7. Hold your baby in a sitting up position and slowly take your back supporting hand a few millimetres. At first, your baby will go down with you but they’ll maintain their pose later.
  8. Encourage your baby to sit by offering them a toy that they can catch in a sitting up position.
  9. The ideal time to put your baby in an infant seat is when they can hold their head up. Once you notice it, it’s time to go for the next milestone.
  10. Perform some baby exercises that can strengthen your babies legs and back to support their body.

Wrap Up

One of the greatest joys of life is to watch your baby cross various milestones throughout the first years of life. For instance, watching your baby ready to sit on their own.

So there you have it. As you can see, parents should only consider Bumbo seats if their babies are 3 months or older and still can’t sit unaided.

Don’t forget to prepare yourselves for anything while your baby’s learning! Check out our first aid kit and our recommendations for best stylish baby high chairs!

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