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Baby Chewing on Tongue: Should You Worry?

As a first, second, third or fourth-time parent and beyond, you’ll likely find that with every baby you experience something that’s …different. Whether it be funny sounds your baby makes, a strange way he or she is behaving or something else, there seems to always be something new to laugh at or to worry about. […]

How to Tell If Baby Has Fever Without Thermometer and When to Worry

We all know it. At some point or another, our little ones are going to develop a case of the sniffles, achoos and all the other icky symptoms that come with the flu, common cold or other form of bodily illness. As dismal as it may be, it is important that parents of young children, […]

Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding: Advantages and Disadvantages

Out of all of the things mums worry about, from how to keep baby groomed and clean to how much sleep their little one is getting, how to keep their babies well-fed has to top the list. Though every mother wants her baby to be happy and healthy, there are instances where traditional methods of […]

Introducing Bottle to Breastfed Baby: When Should I Do It?

When should I introduce bottle to breastfed baby? Introducing a bottle to a breastfed baby can be stressful. Not only does it require time, energy and patience, but the process can also leave you riddled with guilt. Questions like, “Am I doing the right thing for my baby?” and “When should I introduce bottle to […]

Does Breastfeeding Affect Your Weight? All You Ever Wanted to Know About Breastfeeding and Weight

Why can I not lose weight while breastfeeding? You knew it’d happen. That “eating for two” shtick you lived by when you were pregnant was bound to catch up with you, someday. At the time you may have thought, “I’ll worry about losing the weight once the baby is here.” Now that the baby is […]

Supplementing Breast Milk With Formula: Combining Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding

How do you supplement breastmilk with formula? All over the world, countless mums experience the pressure of wanting to nourish their babies with their own breast milk, but feeling unable to do so for one reason or another. Understandably then, it can be equally frustrating, and even daunting, to get your little one adjusted to […]

IKEA Toy Storage Hack: D.I.Y. Projects That Parents Will Love

Are you a burnt out parent in need of fresh new ideas for your home or apartment? Join the club. In a world filled with expensive yet cheaply-made furniture pieces and storage units, nothing compares to the potential for creativity at an affordable price than with IKEA. With hundreds of high quality and inexpensive furniture […]

3 Year Old Sleep Regression: How to Fix 3 Year Old Waking up at Night

So, you thought you were out of the woods concerning sleep regressions, eh? Not quite. There is, yet another, sleep regression, known as the 3 year old sleep regression, headed your way. Only this time, your child is old enough, not only to cry out after you, but to pinpoint why exactly you should stay […]

Best Looking High Chair: Best Stylish and Beautiful Chairs for Babies

When it comes to the messiest, craziest time of your baby’s day, you want to know that your high chair can stand up to the challenge. Smeared avocado, flung peas and squished blueberries are a given when it comes to feeding your little one, and for that reason, you’ll likely want a high chair that […]

Toy Storage Ideas for the Living Room to Help You Reclaim Your Space

You rise early in the morning hoping to sneak in a delicious sip of your morning tea when, on the way into your living room, you stumble over that talking baby doll…again. As you push toys over to make room on the couch, you look around and wonder what ever happened to that once so […]

At What Age Does Toddler Stop Napping: What to Do When Your Child Is Fighting Naps

Ah, solitude. After spending a gleeful morning with your little one, you still look forward to that cherished hour or two of the day that is rightfully yours: Naptime. But be warned, mum and dad. If you’ve been wondering, “At what age does toddler stop napping?”, brace yourself. It just might be sooner than you […]

Toddler Keeps Getting Out of Bed in Middle of Night: Sleeping Tips for Nighttime

After a long hard day, all you want to do is crash onto your bed, close your eyes and drift soundly to sleep. Unfortunately, sleep can be likened to a fleeting vapour in your home, as, once again, you awake to the sound of your sweet toddler whispering your name… at 1 a.m. Sound familiar? […]

Best Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old: One Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

Your little one who was once small enough to stay tucked inside of you is now cruising about the house, with their very first birthday on the horizon. With all of the tears, trials and tribulations that come along with having a brand new baby, nothing compares to the feeling of finally being able to […]

Baby Won’t Sleep Unless Held: Tips to Get Your Child to Sleep Alone

You know it’s true. While everyone around you was offering their unsolicited advice about how to deal after delivery, you, on the other hand, simply couldn’t wait to hold your little one in your arms, and would gladly give every waking hour just to your tiny angel. But eventually, the reality set in that you […]

Getting Rid of the Pacifier: How to Wean Baby From Dummy at Night

Thinking about getting rid of pacifier, binky, soother, dummy baby implements or whatever that thing is called? If so, then it might be time to prepare for battle. When it comes to getting rid of the pacifier at night, nothing beats consistency, good timing and maybe even a good story line. So, if you’ve been […]

Dealing With Baby Jet Lag: Toddler Jet Lag Solutions

So, you want to travel with a toddler, do you? Then it may be time you get familiar with the wonderful world of baby jet lag! In all seriousness, though it can be tricky to navigate, baby jet lag is something you can totally prepare for. With careful planning, loads of patience and a sack […]

Formula Feeding at Night – Can You and How To

Though it is commonly agreed upon that breast is always best, there are also many reasons a mother may consider formula feeding at night. But doing so isn’t always easy. In this article, we’ll delve into the basics of bottle feeding at night, as well as the factors you should consider before making the decision […]

Mixing Baby Formula and Breast Milk – Is It Good For Your Baby?

When it comes to the well-being of your child, nothing beats being informed. Whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding or are somewhere in between, it always feels good to know that you’re doing the right thing by your baby. But sometimes, you might find yourself battling confusion, as you ponder questions that have gone unanswered […]

When Can My Baby Sit in a Bumbo Seat?

Sitting is a huge step for your baby because, once they can do it unassisted, it’s time for them to start crawling, and walking! The milestone is highly essential for the needed development of their motor functions. Since bumbo seats are commonly used to help babies sit up, a lot of concerned parents ask themselves […]

10 Essentials Every Toddler Bedroom Needs

Your child has been sleeping in the crib beside your bed for two years now. By day, the child plays in a tiny little spot in the living room. And if you’re in the kitchen, your baby would be napping in the pram, or sitting up in a baby chair. Around the end of the […]

How to Properly Baby Proof Your Windows

Child safety is at the forefront and centre of every parent’s mind. That’s not because the parents are neurotic creatures always on the lookout for reasons to get worried. Child injuries are a serious and highly probable matter. They happen a lot, and almost everyone knows a scary story or two. The saddest part is […]

How can I Make My Baby’s Hair Grow Faster?

Our children are our bundles of joy, and we love them regardless of how they look. However, most parents, especially the new ones, can be a little concerned about the baby’s overall health, appearance, and the products that can keep your little one in excellent shape. Some parents wonder how to grow infant hair, especially […]

Which Type of Cloth Nappy Should You Choose?

Types of Cloth Diapers Are you welcoming a new baby into your life? If you’re considering using disposable nappies, you probably want to know more about the different types of cloth diapers.

Best Toddler Travel Beds for Your Little One

Best Toddler Travel Beds for Toddler Are you taking your little one on a trip away from home? The best travel bed for toddler is your top choice as your little one can have a comfortable nap, while you can have some quality time. Travelling with a baby is a bit challenging, as they might […]

What Are Some Balancing Activities for Your Toddler?

Balancing Activities for Toddlers A lot of parents are concerned about their children’s ability to maintain a good balance for their development. If you’re looking for balancing activities for toddlers, you’re in the right place! In the following article, we’ll walk you through some of the most exciting games and activities that can improve your […]

Baby Time Capsule Ideas: What to Put in a Time Capsule for Your Baby

Baby Time Capsule Ideas Time capsules are a lot of fun to make, and even more so when you’re making it for your baby to open years later. Together with your child, you’ll share a beautiful trip down the memory lane and you’ll come to realize how wonderful the journey was. In this article, we’re […]

What Happens at a Baby Shower in the UK?

What Happens at a Baby Shower If you’re an expecting mum, or you have a sister, a friend, or a colleague who is pregnant, chances are you’re now quite familiar with the words “baby shower”. Whether you’ve been tasked with organizing the party, invited to attend, or you’re actually the mum-to-be, one question that you […]

Toddler Safety: How to Secure Your Toddler in Their Car Seat

How to stop toddler getting out of car seat Car seat safety is one thing you don’t want to mess with. Keeping your toddler safe in the event of a car accident is so important, and if you’ve ever watched any crash videos, you know just how much harm could be caused if your child […]

Toys to Help Develop Toddler Speech

The Best Language Development Toys for Toddlers Seeing your child hit developmental milestones is important. These can include smiling, babbling, crawling, taking their first steps, saying their first words, and beginning to string together short sentences made up of a few words. When your toddler does not seem to be reaching the developmental milestones centred […]

Baby sleeping soundly? Here’s how!

How to get baby to sleep longer stretches at night We’ve teamed up with the wonderful Susan Wallace from Settled Petals to bring you top tips for pampering your Little One and dealing with those troublesome teething and cold issues. Susan recommends using the Mother Goose Baby Care Kit, which has all the useful things you need […]