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Safe & playful bath time fun


Perfect gift idea for parents with newborns


Remove the guesswork - measure temp accurately

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Brave Little Soldier Bundle

Have safe & playful bath time fun with the best baby bath thermometer!

With its cute turtle shapes it doubles up as a bath toy. Its lightweight design means it floats and is also easy to grip with little hands. No sharp edges and mercury free so another reason not to have to worry. Make sure the room temperature for a baby bath is at least 22C and baby bath water temperature is 37C. Easy to read as it will always float. One of the best baby bath thermometers you can get!


Perfect gift idea for parents of newborns

Yellodoor’s Mother Goose Baby bath thermometers is the ideal present for expecting mums or first-time parents. Bath thermometers are a crucial item for any parent but is sometimes forgotten until they need it the most. Great for baby shower gifts, baby Christmas gift, baby shower favours, birthday and Christmas presents. No need to guess at the optimal temperature to bathe your child in.


Dual use baby room and bath thermometer

Remove any sort of guessing work when it comes to the correct and exact temperature for your baby's room and bath water. This bath and room thermometer works both for water and atmosphere temperature reading.


Recommended bath water temperature of 37 degrees Celsius

This easy to read thermometer will help you to maintain the perfect temperature of your baby's bath water for you child's safety, with a baby's face located at the 37C mark.


Floating thermometers in the bathtub

Making it easier for you to have constant control on the water and bath temperature throughout baby's bathing time.


Peace of mind & money back guarantee

We firmly believe that you will love our Yellodoor products and will want to use them time and time again. That’s why we’re offering you our money back guarantee. If you try it and don’t like it, we will give you an immediate 100% refund – no questions asked.


Baby Bath Thermometer FAQs

Are baby bath thermometers safe?

Yes, a baby thermometer is safe.  These thermometers are designed to test the baby bath water temperature; they are used by parents, not babies.  Using a baby bath thermometer can help you make sure that the bath water is a safe temperature for a baby.

Do I need baby bath thermometer?

While you could give a baby a bath without using a thermometer, it is a much better, and safer, idea to use a baby bath thermometer.  Using a thermometer allows you to check the baby bath temperature and ensure it is a safe level for your little one to prevent burning them or making them too cold.

What temperature should a baby's bath be?

When giving a baby a bath, the water should be right around 37 °C (100 °F).  This temperature is cool enough to prevent accidentally burning the baby, but warm enough to keep them from getting chilled.  Using a baby bath thermometer can help you make sure the water temperature is at this ideal level.

How do you check baby's water temperature?

There are a few different ways you can check the temperature of the bath water for your baby.  The most accurate, and safest method, is to use a baby bath temperature thermometer.  A thermometer will let you know the exact temperature that the water is and remove any guess work.  This will give you the most confidence that you’re bathing your little one in water that will keep them safe and comfortable.

If you do not own a baby bath thermometer, you can try using your elbow to check the water’s temperature.  Water that is at a safe temperature for a baby should feel warm, but not hot, on your elbow.

How soon can you bathe a newborn?

A newborn should not be bathed in a bathtub until their umbilical cord stump falls off completely.  You should also allow time for the area around the stump to heal before giving the baby a bath in a tub.  Until the umbilical cord stump falls off and heals, stick to giving your baby gentle sponge baths as needed.

Can you bathe baby right after umbilical cord falls off?

No, after the umbilical cord falls off a baby you will want to wait a little more time to give the area time to heal completely.  Once everything is dry and healed, then you can begin giving your baby baths in a tub.  If you are unsure whether the area is ready, you can always consult with your baby’s pediatrician.

What is the best baby bath thermometer?

The best baby bath thermometer is easy to read and easy to use.  Look for a model that floats in the water to accurately measure the temperature.  To ensure the safety of your little one, you should always verify that the thermometer you choose is mercury-free.

How do I know if my baby's bath is too hot?

Using a baby temperature thermometer is the most accurate way to check if a bath is too hot for a baby.  The ideal water temperature for a baby is 37 °C (100 °F).

How do you use a bath thermometer?

Since each bathtub thermometer may be a little different, always check with the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific model.  Generally speaking, though, most baby bath thermometers are designed to float in the water and will display the water’s temperature for you.

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