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Yellodoor Baby Grooming Kit e Baby Care Set

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All The Grooming Essentials You Need


Calm & Relax Your Baby


Digital Thermometer Included


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Expecting a baby? This baby grooming kit has got you covered!

Let's face it, becoming a new parent can be exciting yet daunting. Newborn babies don't come with a user guide and particularly for first-time mums and dads. Imagine yourself walking home with your new family member for the first time.

The experience can be overwhelming. That's why it's best to have everything prepared, including baby grooming items.

Plus, if you're short on preparation time, why not get pre-packed baby care kits instead. They're affordable and already come with all the necessary baby stuff. It's a convenient practice when shopping for baby items.

Not every baby care kit is complete though, while some can be excessively bulky. But our baby essentials care kit covers all the necessities you'll need for your little angel!


Introducing the Baby Grooming Kit by Yellodoor - 16 in 1 kit for all your baby's basic essentials and grooming accessories

The Yellodoor kit is more than just a pouch of grooming tools...

  • At its core, it has a baby manicure set (clipper, files, nail cutters)
  • Contains several hygiene must-haves (comb, brushes, washcloth)
  • Inside, you'll also find a thermometer and nasal aspirator for minor emergencies
  • Pacify crybabies with the teether ring
  • The Mother Goose finger puppet will prove to be a welcome stress reliever for the babysitter
  • Information leaflet included for guidance on how to use the tools
  • Comes in an adorable, easy to carry baby care set case, so that you'll be able to take care of your baby anywhere, anytime

If you're not the one who's having a baby but you know someone who is expecting, this is the ideal baby shower gifts, due to its handy travel size and all the baby essentials for newborn. It comes in a beautiful gift box to make it the perfect baby gift.

Everything included in this baby care kit is guaranteed safe, comfortable, and fit for baby's use.


For Health

Inside the Yellodoor Baby Grooming Kit you will find a digital thermometer with an easy to read LCD display, which beeps when when reading is complete. It takes just 60 seconds to measure body temperature, Can be used orally, rectally or under the armpits.


For Nails

Scissors with rounded ends ensure that you can safely cut your baby’s tiny and delicate finger and toe nails. Tiny clippers can also be used to safely trim nails. Six printed nail file boards will help you ensure that your baby’s nails do not have sharp edges that they can scratch themselves with.


For Grooming

A soft and gentle natural wash cloth with 90% bamboo and 10% cotton is perfect for washing both dry and sensitive skin. A brush has been designed with natural bristles to ensure maximum comfort for baby’s delicate scalp. Comb and finger toothbrush also included.


For Pacifying

Babies generally don’t like their nails being trimmed. However, this adorable Mother Goose finger puppet is the perfect way to hold your child’s attention and make that task a little easier. The teething ring can also to be cooled in the refrigerator to sooth those sore and aching gums.


Make grooming your newborn or baby hassle-free with a Mother Goose Baby Grooming Kit

We love our baby care set and we know you will too. We've pulled together the essential baby care items for travelling and at home. The Mother Goose Baby Grooming Set comes complete with manicure set, baby thermometer and finger puppet toy - the perfect distractor for wriggly babies!

The ideal newborn baby care kit whether you're expecting or buying as a gift, this beautiful baby grooming kit won't let you down. As they grow to become toddlers and into small children the carefully selected baby hair brushes, baby thermometer, baby nail scissors will all come in handy - even if they've long said goodbye to the baby teething toy!

Perfect for both girl and boy babies, this baby care kit is a parenting essential!

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13 recensioni per Yellodoor Baby Grooming Kit & Baby Care Set

  1. Kathryn Avery -

    Lovely little case, bought as a little extra for my daughters baby shower. Well made accessories. She loved it.

  2. Adriana -

    Bought as a present for my little sister. She is very happy with it. It looks very cute and i even tried the scissors and nail clippers on my 8 week old nephew. Good quality.

  3. Lozi -

    Brought this kit for a friends baby shower – she absolutely loved it! Its the perfect present for parents who are expecting or for those with new born’s, the kit comes in a lovely box which is easy to wrap. Would be perfect for travelling with little ones. The design and colours are really nice and well thought out. I would definitely purchase again.

  4. Mika Mizi -

    Nachdem ich ein Babypflegeset einer anderen Marke zurücksenden musste, sticht die Qualität dieses Sets noch deutlicher hervor: hier riecht nichts auch nur entfernt chemisch sondern alles ist geruchlos, alle Bestandteile des Sets funktionieren einwandfrei, die Bürste verliert keine Haare und ist super weich und knautschsicher im Set gelagert, die Schere scharf, das Thermometer misst super und hat ein flexibles Ende, der Waschlappen ist von wunderbar weicher Qualität (Bambus), die kleine Fingerpuppe ist wirklich niedlich und die gesamte Tasche so dass noch Platz für eigene Ergänzungsutensilien bleibt ohne dass sie irgendwie zu groß wäre. Außerdem ist das Gänsemotiv wirklich süß. Ganz klare Kaufempfehlung!!!!

  5. Sarah -

    Lovely looking grooming kit and it has a lot of things compare to the tommy tippee one. Really nice.

  6. Livandmike -

    Beautiful set, previously had the tomee tipee set and we much prefer this. Gorgeous case, super soft brush and cloth 100% would recommend

  7. AlexanderE -

    Good collection of goods. Was impressed with quality and have used a great deal of times.

  8. Abbie -

    Beautiful bag. And well made things inside

  9. Melody -

    Lovely set, doesn’t seem cheap, thermometer seems to work well

  10. Becky -

    Good size will fit in most changing bags has a very good variety of items inside including alcohol wipes, plasters and bandages as well as a tube of saline solution to rinse out eyes. Best of all is the humpty dumpy teddy that the child can hold and be distracted by while you tend to their boo boo. Love it

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