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Set di spazzole per capelli completamente naturale di Yellodoor

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Perfetto per i neonati con cappuccio della culla


Le setole lussuose dei capelli della capra calmano il bambino a dormire


100% Naturale, ipoallergenico ed ecologico


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All-Natural Baby Hair Brush Set by Yellodoor Highlights

  • Set includes two baby hair brushes
  • One soft baby hair brush with goat hair bristles
  • One bamboo wooden hair brush with massaging bristles
  • Made with 100% natural, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly materials
  • Perfect for babies with cradle cap, helping babies relaxing, and improving circulation

What’s Included in this Baby Brush Set?

  • One baby hairbrush with soft goat hair bristles
  • One massaging bamboo baby hair brush
  • A 100% cotton drawstring storage bag
  • A gorgeous presentation box that is perfect for gifting


Goat Hair Baby Brush

One of the two brushes in this set is a natural baby hair brush featuring extra soft goat hair bristles with a beechwood handle. The soft bristles on this baby hairbrush are ideal for removing scabs from cradle cap on a newborn. Simply give the baby a bath and wash their hair as normal. Then brush their hair with the natural bristle baby hair brush to gently remove flakes.

Brushing a baby’s scalp with the soft bristles on this brush can also help the baby to relax and encourage them to drift off to sleep. The goat’s hair bristles will leave a baby’s hair shiny and nourished as an added benefit.

The goat’s hair bristles are also easy to clean; simply place the brush under warm running water with a mild detergent to rinse away dust, cradle cap flakes, or other debris, then set it out to dry.

Bamboo Wooden Massage Brush

The second item in this baby brush set is a bamboo wooden massage brush. This high-quality brush features bamboo bristles with an eco-friendly solid beechwood handle. The bamboo bristles on the brush can stimulate the scale to promote improved blood flow and circulation while also helping to calm a baby down with a gentle scalp massage.

The natural bamboo bristles on this brush are flexible to ensure a safe and gentle massage for a baby. A ventilation hole is integrated into the design of the brush to offer sufficient air flow to ensure the bristles stay flexible and do not become brittle.

Cotton Drawstring Bag

The final item included in this set is a 100% cotton drawstring bag to hold both brushes. The bag offers an ideal storage space to protect the brushes from dust and dirt so they are always clean and ready to use on a baby’s delicate scalp. Store the drawstring bag with the brushes in a drawer in the nursery or place in a diaper bag for easy access while on-the-go.


Baby Hair Brush Frequently Asked Questions

Do babies need hair brushes?

While a hair brush may not be essential for all babies, they can be quite beneficial. Brushing a baby’s hair, whether they have a full head of hair or just a few short hairs, with a soft-bristle brush helps soothe a baby and calm them down. Some babies have a full head of hair by the time they are just a few months old. Using a soft baby brush can help prevent their hair from getting tangled or knotted.

Baby brushes can also be very beneficial when trying to gently remove the flakes from cradle cap on a baby’s head.

When can you brush a baby's hair?

There is no wrong time to brush a baby’s hair. However, since the brushing motion and soft bristles can deliver a relaxing massage to a baby, you may find that the best time to brush a baby’s hair is before bedtime or nap time. The relaxing brushing motion can help soothe your baby and help them to sleep more peacefully throughout the night.

Is it OK to brush newborns hair?

As long as you’re using a soft hairbrush, there is no reason you can’t start brushing a baby’s hair shortly after birth. Setting up a regular brush routine can also reduce the chance that your baby will develop cradle cap, and can help remove flakes if they do develop cradle cap. Find a time that works best in your routine to brush your baby’s hair with a soft-bristle brush.

Soft-bristle brushes also deliver a gentle massage to a baby’s scalp. This massage can help improve blood flow and circulation to their hair follicle. This increased blood flow may help encourage new hairs to grow.

How do you brush a baby's hair?

The first step to brushing a baby’s hair is to start with the brush. Choose a soft-bristle baby hair brush that will allow you to gently brush your baby’s hair without hurting them. When brushing, start at the tip of the hair and carefully brush through tangles. Hold the hair as you comb, if it is long enough, to prevent it from pulling on the baby’s scalp too much.

What is the best baby hair brush?

The best baby hair brushes feature soft bristles and safe and natural materials. Soft bristles are essential for a baby hair brush as they let parents and caregivers gently brush a baby’s head without accidentally injuring them. Finding a natural baby brush can give you peace of mind that you’re not using anything that could be toxic or dangerous against your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

Do all babies get cradle cap?

No, all babies do not get cradle cap. It is only found in about 10% of babies. Keeping the baby’s scalp hydrating oil and using a soft baby brush to gently brush the hair and scalp can help improve cradle cap.


Solo il meglio per il tuo bambino!

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19 recensioni per All-Natural Baby Hair Brush Set by Yellodoor

  1. Sammy -

    Questa spazzola per bambini naturale è geniale. Non mi aspettavo di usare questa spazzola per capelli tanto quanto me, ottimo acquisto. L'uso di spazzole di bambù è stato un fattore importante nel mio acquisto poiché tutto ciò che è possibile per ridurre l'uso di plastica è un must ai miei occhi.

  2. Signora Kimi -

    Super spazzole per capelli e testoline. Se solo il destinatario rimanesse in ordine! Ottengono un sacco di utilità.

  3. Lynne -

    Really nice & soft on my babies hair, the bristles do come out a bit though

  4. Samuel -

    Assolutamente bellissimo set di pennelli. Qualità straordinaria per un prezzo incredibile! La spazzola morbida è così morbida! Perfetto per la mia bambina

  5. Kimberley -

    È adorabile! Io e la mia bambina adoriamo così tanto questo set!

  6. Zuzana -

    Pennelli di buona qualità. Quello morbido rende i capelli del mio bambino belli e lucenti.
    Questo set sarebbe un ottimo regalo dato che il pacchetto è così carino 🙂

  7. Ambreen -

    Good product but a bag to keep this set in is missing

  8. Caroline Scales -

    Brilliant product so cute

  9. Lee -

    Adoro assolutamente questo piccolo set e lo consiglio vivamente. È presentato magnificamente e sarebbe un bel regalo. È morbido e ben fatto.

  10. Mrs. R -

    Lovely brush set. Made to last. A soft bristle one for baby’s hair now and firmer bristles for when it gets a bit longer. Well made and looks lovely.

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