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Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel with Aloe Vera – Home & Work

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Stay Safe - Effective & Kind Formulation


Clean & Fresh After Smell


Non-Sticky & Non-Greasy


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Yellodoor 75% Alcohol Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel with Aloe Vera


  • Kills 99.99% of Germs
  • Hand Sanitizer 500ml Pump Dispenser
  • Medical grade
  • Conforms to Regulation EN 1276


Stay Safe With This Kind & Effective Formulation

Touching door handles, shopping trolleys and other everyday things can easily transfer germs and virus to your skin. This antibacterial hand gel contains 75% ETHANOL and ALOE VERA MOISTURISING ESSENCE to leave your hands feeling clean, soft and your skin nourished too. The high concentration of alcohol destroys 99.99% of GERMS.


Clean & Fresh After Smell

Not all alcohol hand sanitiser gels are the same. Some can leave an unpleasant residue or a petrol-like chemical smell. This one leaves your hands smelling clean and fresh, so you will be happy to use it regularly. Take a small amount of alcohol gel hand sanitiser and rub it thoroughly over your hands for the fast and safe removal of germs.


Non-Sticky & Non-Greasy

Some sanitiser hand gel can leave your hands with a sticky or oily feeling. Some will dry your skin, leading to the skin- irritations and flaking with regular use. That’s why it’s important to find one that has natural ingredients to not only rid of your skin of bacteria but leave your hands feeling clean, fresh and moisturised.


Stop The Spread of Germs

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers help to deter the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria, particularly in busy environments. Our efficient hand sanitiser gel pump makes it fast and easy to apply. Perfect for your workplace, receptions, studio, kitchens, canteens, cloakrooms, or anywhere people gather.


Money Back Guarantee

We firmly believe that you will love our hand sanitiser gel 500ml and will want to use it regularly. That’s why we’re offering you our money-back guarantee. If you try it and don’t like it, we will give you an immediate 100% refund – no questions asked.

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19 recensioni per Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel with Aloe Vera – Home & Work

  1. Mrs. M Harris -

    Easily absorbed and smells lovely. Doesn’t dry hands out at all

  2. Rogerd -

    This gel is the best one I have used, is not sticky like many others, does not dehydrate the skin and has a pleasant smell. It dries quickly in a matter of seconds.

  3. Starlight -

    Nice scent, lasts a long time

  4. BrianH -

    Odd name, but really great product. Good consistently, gel rubs in well and evapourates quickly leaving your hands dry and not sticky/tacky like other brands.

    Also smells really good with a kind of citrus scent.

    Price is very reasonable, but I can see that going up as it gets more popular; so best to buy it now.

  5. SuzyQ -

    I wanted this so that I could have some hand sanitiser for after I’ve come in contact with someone outside of my family (like the postman). I have a baby so protecting her from germs & viruses is very important to me.

    This is medical grade gel that is 75% alcohol, which is great for getting rid of germs such as Covid. This is suitable for personal use, such as at home or on your desk at work. This is a 500 ml bottle which is the perfect size for a countertop or desk. The packaging looks professional without looking too industrial (like some others I’ve had).

    The pump is really practical and effective. It doesn’t take much effort to push the pump downward and it doesn’t spray everywhere or bounce off of your hand onto the countertop like the last one I got did. It’s very easy and convenient to use if you’ve only got one hand free.

    The formulation of this gel is fantastic! Not only are the ingredients all natural, they’re also registered by the Vegetarian Society as vegan as well. My hands are always dry, but this contains aloe to keep your skin moisturised. It smells lovely and is quick drying but not sticky or oily.

    At £6.99 at the time of review I’d say this is well worth the price. Overall I really like this gel and would recommend it.

  6. R S -

    I am forever touching handles and rails and picking up all sorts of germs. This large 1l bottle of sanitiser has a 75% alcohol content so above the recommended 60% needed to have an effect at killing viruses. It comes in a 500ml pump dispensing plastic bottle. I’ve also got a weak immune system, and I tend to get all the infections going, so I go through these anti-bacterial gel so much I should probably own shares in the company! However, I know that these gels help to keep me as healthy as possible (even if their overuse frequently dries out my skin and they do nothing for the airborne germs, but I wouldn’t be without them. If you travel by public transport, this product is a total must-have.

    really like this hand gel great for family use The gel is a really nice consistency. Not too thin and runny that it runs everywhere, but a good gel-like consistency which still disperses and absorbs really easily and quickly into the skin. The smell is okay too – no overpowering smell of alcohol as with some other gels This sanitiser also contains Aloe Vera which helps to stop your skin drying out from the alcohol it does smell strongly of Aloe Vera.

  7. E. L. Wisty -

    This is one of the better hand sanitisers I’ve come across, and I’m sure we’ve all tried quite a few this year. It doesn’t dry your hands out, doesn’t leave your hands sticky (so long as you don’t use too much) and actually seems to help soften your skin. On first application it does smell somewhat pungent, but this dissipates and you get the aloe vera smell.

  8. jojo -

    Good size bottle, good price, no irritation, fast drying
    Strong scent- smells a bit like mens body wash
    Aloe Vera is good for the skin should stop hands drying out
    Good for filling travel bottles

  9. Steve G -

    Even though the vaccine for Covid-19 has just started to be rolled out, it will still be a long time before we have to drop our guard. Even though you might get vaccinated it’s not yet clear if it will stop you passing the virus on to other people. So, it’s still face masks and sanitised hands for the foreseeable future.

    This hand sanitiser from Yellodoor is as good as any to keep your hands virus free. It has 75% alcohol content which is higher than some and above the 70% recommended minimum. The price falls squarely in the average price range for 500ml being £6 to £10.

    This sanitiser also contains Aloe Vera which helps to stop your skin drying out from the alcohol. Sadly, I react to certain fragrances and Aloe Vera is one of them. It’s migraine time if I use it. Don’t let this put you off though as it’s rare to have this problem. The rest of the family has tried it and had no problems.

  10. Bubs & Puds -

    This is the 500ml Yellodoor anti-bacterial sanitising hand gel with aloe vera which comes in a plastic bottle with pump dispenser. This claims to rid 99.99% of all germs too.

    Using the gel at first gives off a really strong pungent alcohol smell, like vodka! It contains 75% ethanol, so that probably explains it! When dispensed it resembles something unholy but easily rubs in and after a few seconds the scent changes to a lovely aloe vera type smell. My hands feel much better after use compared to our regular variety, so this will be our benchmark now. A small amount goes a long way too, perfect.

    For the price and how good the product actually is, I would highly recommend in these strange times.

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