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Stay Safe - Effective & Kind Formulation


Help Your Child Learn To Sanitise


Non-Sticky - Clean & Fresh After Smell

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Yellodoor 75% Alcohol Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel for kids with Aloe Vera


  • Kills 99.99% of Germs
  • 500ml Pump Dispenser
  • Child Friendly Design


Stay Safe With This Effective And Kind Formulation

Complies with EN1276 regulations. Touching door handles, shopping trolleys and other everyday things can easily transfer germs and virus to your skin. This antibacterial hand gel contains 75% Ethanol and Aloe Vera moisturising essence to leave your hands feeling clean, soft and your skin nourished too. The high concentration of alcohol destroys 99.99% of germs.


Worried Your Child Will Forget To Sanitise?

This friendly Mother Goose design is perfect to help your little ones understand the importance of regularly using a hand sanitiser gel to keep their hands free from bacteria and germs. Always have one in the kitchen and bathroom to help them stay safe and learn those important hand sanitiser habits early.


Non-Sticky And Non-Greasy Anti-Bacterial Handgel

Some sanitiser hand gel can leave your hands with a sticky or oily feeling. Some will dry your skin, leading to skin- irritations and flaking with regular use. That’s why it’s important to find one that has natural ingredients to not only rid of your skin of bacteria, but leave your hands feeling clean, fresh and moisturised. Perfect for little fingers too.



Not all alcohol hand sanitiser gels are the same. Some can leave an unpleasant residue or a petrol-like chemical smell. This one leaves your hands smelling clean and fresh, so you will be happy to use it regularly. Take a small amount of alcohol gel hand sanitiser and rub it thoroughly over your hands for fast and safe removal of germs.


Efficient Dispensing Pump

The pump makes it fast and easy to apply this anti bac hand gel to your hands. One push on the pump is more than enough, even for little hands, so none will go to waste. Perfect to keep in your kitchen or bathroom, and easy to carry with you on days out, trips away or to keep in the car.

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5 Bewertungen für Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel with Aloe Vera – Mother Goose

  1. Sally - -

    Great formula, finally a gel that doesn’t dry the kids hands out.

  2. Revi - -

    Our new routine is to wash our hands before and after leaving the flat we’re in. This anti-bacterial wash is soft and pleasant to use. It doesn’t leave your hands dry like the others I’ve tested. It leaves my hands smelling great and gives me confidence of not bringing back any traces of COVID to my loved ones. Highly recommended.

  3. Caitie Bee - -

    Cute label design to appeal to kids and encourage use of gel perfect for return to school.

  4. Konstantinos - -

    I really liked this product. It’s gentle on children’s skin and non-sticky (unlike other similar hand gels). It also has a nice, not too alcoholic scent.

  5. Jo Nichols - -

    Nicest smelling sanitizer used ever! This is fantastic hand sanitizer, not sticky, easily absorbed and the smells makes it attractive for children to use. I will order again and again…

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