Humpty Dumpty Waterproof Plasters for Kids

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Waterproof & skin friendly


Stop tears quickly


Take anywhere in handy compact tin

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Brave Little Soldier Bundle

Fun childrens plasters

This size tin with an appealing Humpty Dumpty design will help you take the drama out of those inevitable everyday bumps and scrapes. Includes fun plasters to make any cuts and scrapes more bearable and any tears more manageable!


This Humpty Dumpty waterproof plaster tin includes:

  • metal plaster tin
  • 24 latex free and waterproof kids plasters, so you can always have them to hand for those little emergencies
  • A handy booklet to entertain children with the popular story of Humpty Dumpty
  • reward stickers in three different designs
  • Waterproof plasters. Ideal protection when washing, showering and bathing
  • Latex-free material hugs the skin perfectly for best wound coverage
  • Good adhesive strength to prevent the plaster from slipping. Can be removed easily and painlessly
  • All in a strong metal tin to keep childrens plasters safe and hygienic, protecting the plasters from dirt and damage
  • Three engaging designs with matching reward stickers to quickly help your child forget their discomfort and return to their usual mood


Your New Childrens Plasters Set for Holiday Travel, and Home

Small wounds and scratches happen quickly, especially in children, so always keep baby plasters to hand at home, on a day trip or if you are on holiday. Ordinary plasters are sometimes not ideal. They may be not waterproof or too sticky, so that can hurt when taken off the skin. Plasters for children are much more gentle and easy to take off. In addition, an ordinary cardboard box can sometimes not last if it gets crushed, which may damage the plasters for babies inside.

Easily Removable

Children's skin is sensitive. Depending on the wound, a plaster should be changed several times a day to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. A plaster that is too sticky can hurt when pulled off and quickly and lead to new tears. For this reason, our children's plasters are easy to remove and still offer sufficient adhesive strength to protect your child's wound without slipping.

Waterproof and Skin Friendly

The Humpty Dumpty plasters from Yellodoor are waterproof. They retain their adhesion even if they come into contact with water, i.e. baths and showers. In this way, minor injuries can be kept dry and hygienic. This is especially helpful for trips to the beach or swimming. The latex-free material hugs the skin perfectly.

Easy to Carry Tin

Most plaster sets for children come in simple cardboard boxes that are easily crushed when carried in your luggage or backpack. Wrinkles and damage to the plasters can impair the adhesive strength and coverage. The children's plaster set by Yellodoor comes in a compact and sturdy metal tin. This means that your plasters are always safely and hygienically stored and ready for your immediate use.

Stop Tears Quickly

Small scrapes and scratches can cause so many tears! After the initial shock, a little distraction is just what you need to restore the calm again. Yellodoor plasters come in three charming designs, so you child can choose their favourite. In addition, we have included 18 reward stickers to congratulate your child for being so brave!

Includes: First Aid Tips and the Story of Humpty Dumpty

In addition to the 24 childrens plasters and 18 reward stickers, we also included a small booklet with first aid tips. Cute plasters with Humpty Dumpty design can distract your children from the pain and prevent tears. To help make first aid relatable to your child, why not read them the classic story of Humpty Dumpty? Your brave little soldier will deserve a fun sticker after their ordeal, so why not let them choose one of the three appealing designs from the 18 stickers included? There's also some essential first aid guidance for mums and dads too!

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13 Bewertungen für Humpty Dumpty Waterproof Plasters for Kids

  1. Aimeeleigh96 - -

    I don’t think the value was great for what you receive, however these plasters actually stick instead of falling off so they are still worth buying and the stickers have been a hit! I would have expected some different sized


    My granddaughter aged 15 has special needs and loves playing with plasters for her dolls – she was delighted to receive these as a present! She particular loved the brightly printed characters especially the horses. I have also used them on my younger grandchildren. A great way to stop those tears when they graze themselves!

  3. Nicci - -

    Love these plasters. I have the full first aid kit and needed to top up with plasters and brave stickers. The plasters and everything else make fixing your child so much easier.

  4. Podgy - -

    Fun packaging and plasters. Tin is a handy size to carry in a handbag.

  5. Deborah - -

    Brill for grandchildren and cute tin!

  6. Isabel - -

    Compré el producto para regalarlo, es una caja metálica para el bolso, lleva la historia de Humpty-Dumpty, todo en inglés, y tiritas ideales con dibujitos del huevo. Lo recomiendo para amigos de los detalles ingleses.

  7. Amigo - -

    hallo, habe das Pflaster dem Kindergarten gespendet , jedes Kind sollte etwas mitbringen wenn sie sich verletzt haben . Super Idee die Schachtel.

  8. Traudel - -

    hallo, habe das Pflaster dem Kindergarten gespendet , jedes Kind sollte etwas mitbringen wenn sie sich verletzt haben . Super Idee die Schachtel.

  9. Ivor Oszkar Abraham - -

    Das Pflaster Set Kinder – 40 Kinderpflaster Im Lustigen Humpty Dumpty Design Von Yellodoor – Heftpflaster Wasserfest In Stabiler Pflasterbox – Gute Klebekraft Und Leicht Abziehbar, Latex-frei ist sehr gut verarbeitet halten gut sind aber trotzdem leicht ablösbar, die Metallbox macht eine sichere Aufbewahrung möglich. Kaufempfehlung von mir.

  10. Nicola Shields - -


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